MOTAŞ Makes Customer Survey

MOTAŞ Customer Surveys: Carrying out the public transport in Malatya, MOTAŞ conducts surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

In order to measure the satisfaction of passengers and learn their demands, they carried out surveys in order to guide their investments and the steps they will take, and stated that MOTAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı stated:

. Our institution prioritizing customer satisfaction started this year's survey which we regularly conduct every year to find out what our customers do not want and what they are satisfied with.

Within the scope of the survey conducted by an independent organization, a total of eleven questions are asked to our customers who travel in buses and trambuses and to passengers who are waiting for vehicles at stops.

What is the reaction of the people to the activities we show in various areas, do we have the shortcomings we can not see them? What is the level of reflection of our service to the customer? Unless we learn them, we think the steps to be taken are not complete unless we measure the level of impact and response. For this reason, we will learn the level of customer satisfaction with the result of the survey, we will revise the processes according to the demand and we will initiate the necessary works in order to reach the maximum level of satisfaction Bu.

When the questionnaire 10 is planned to do on a thousand people, Tamgacı stated that they would share the results with the public and shared some data from the results of their survey in 2016 by saying:

"We are more over the average in Turkey Passenger Satisfaction"

"According to Turkstat's satisfaction with public transport 62% in Turkey, which according to the results of the survey we make in 2016 we reached a level that we have seen over too. As a result of the survey, it is concluded that the passengers are satisfied with our service in% 71 ratio.

Waiting times at the desired level in the pauses, while the passengers answer the question "68" is "appropriate", while the number of voyages are enough, the passengers of the question "% 63" positive, bus occupancy rates are appropriate, the question of the passengers 55 "appropriate" replied.

The 66 of the respondents stated that the seating and waiting areas at the stations were sufficient, the 72 at the stops was sufficient for routing and marking at the stops and the 84 was safe for the buses.
82 of the passengers are satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles, while 83 personnel attitude and behavior,% 81 staff said that they are satisfied with the customer's communication.

When we look at the result of the survey, we found that our company has an average satisfaction rate of% 71.
In the new period, we made some improvements in our service areas. We made adequate studies in the passenger information both at the stops and in the vehicle. We expect this to be reflected in the survey positively. In 2016 year, we carry our passengers with hygienic tools by starting the detailed cleaning operation in our vehicles. This will be reflected in the survey positively Bu.

In the statement, the result of the survey started in March 2017 will be shared with the public.



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