Training for Private Public Transport Vehicle Drivers from EGO

Training for Private Public Transport Vehicle Drivers from EGO: The General Directorate of EGO conducts private public transport (ÖTA) and private public bus (ÖHO) drivers with psycho-technical tests and psychiatric examinations.

The General Directorate of EGO, which undertakes most of the public transportation in the city, carries out ÖTA and ÖHO drivers with internationally valid tests together with its drivers and ensures that the public transportation service is of a certain standard and quality.

The officials of the General Directorate of EGO stated that they provided psycho-technical tests and psychiatric examinations to the drivers within the institution and also to ÖTA and ÖHO drivers through the Dair Psycho-Technical and Training Center rik which is connected to the Bus Department.


EGO officials stated that the aim is to increase the public transport service standards by the trainings given to the drivers and they gave the following information:
Uz At the training center, we apply psycho-technical assessment tests to drivers. In international standards, training and tests carried out with the simulator, the drivers' mental characteristics such as perception, attention, memory, reasoning and the speed of response, psychomotor skills and skills of eye, hand and foot coordination are controlled.

Tests of drivers; attitude-behavior, habit and personality traits, risk taking, aggression, responsibility, self-control are also measured. After the examination by the psychiatrists, the psychiatrist examines whether they are sufficient for the profession or not. After this and similar controls are provided, drivers start to serve in public transportation. Bu

Authorities, drivers, as well as vehicles that have an important place in public transport by the EGO said that the technical compliance check.


EGO also stated that the ETAs and ÖHAs, together with the field inspection, also carried out the implementation-based inspections, and gave the following information:
Or ÖTA and ÖHO vehicles and drivers are kept under control by EGO. In Control; Whether the OTA and OHOs work on their own routes, whether the vehicle driver complies with the suitability and documentation, free passenger boarding, compliance with speed and traffic rules, behavior of passengers, and unregistered personnel are checked. In addition, complaints of passengers receiving public transport are reported to the Criminal Commission. The Commission investigating the complaint applies the necessary criminal or different proceedings according to the result of the contract. However, punishment and sanctions against the attitudes and behaviors that are contrary to the values ​​of society are kept at the top. the operating license of these operators is canceled. bu

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