Metrobus drivers rebelled

Metrobus drivers rebelled: The public transportation ordeal of the people of Istanbul says that they are as much victims as the passengers in the metrobus. “Racing with time has literally turned us into racing horses,” says a BRT driver.

In the metrobus, where fighting and malfunction are not missing every morning in Istanbul, the drivers as well as the passengers say they are victims.

575 on the line where the BRT is running, there are thousands of drivers in 100. 2007 400 thousand passenger carrying capacity built in the system today is trying to carry around 1 million passengers.

In the news of Serhan Sevin from Habertürk, a metrobus driver voiced his revolt. Saying that it is operated "like a robot", the driver said:


Metrobus drivers have two working systems. In the system we call the old system, BRT is embezzled by the driver. The Metrobus driver can only carry passengers with his own metrobus. He was picking up when the time came. In the new system, the embezzlement is eliminated. The Metrobus driver takes the Metrobus in idle time and sets off. For example, in my 10 minutes I have to be at the last stop in Beylikdüzü. After 12 minutes, I have to take the new metrobus and set off again. Am I a robot? I have no right to drink tea? In the old system, we could leave everything in the metrobus, but now we are very sorry what we have until we don't have what we have to collect and take to other metrobus. Competing with the foundation has officially turned us into race horses. We want our old system back.



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