Intellectual Property, TCDD's damage to the agenda of the Parliament carried

Provides Intellectual TCDD damage the Parliament raised the: CHP Mersin deputy Intellectual Lets President Erdogan and used for propaganda by the AKP Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), according to media reports; He reminded that he made 2015 billion 2 million 98 thousand TL loss in 73.

14 years public the inner workings of the railways that has won mortal more than 10 Provides CHP noted that suggested that inflicted major damage, the situation in Turkey State Railways pointed out that revealed the Auditor 2015 audit report.

The Court's bet goes reports in 60 public enterprises in the most vulnerable community in Turkey State Railways identify meat reminiscent of the CHP Intellectual Lets described as a summary of the report of the AKP's transport and public administration strategy.

CHP Mersin Deputy Provides, the Court of Accounts's 2015 report that the railways are not suitable for high-speed trains, many traffic accidents that lead to many traffic accidents that have not been taken adequately and many flawed operations in previous years clearly stated that the process is not cleared.

Provided that the workers employed by the contractor firms procured services through the tender against TCDD, the employees can get their personal rights such as salary, leave, overtime, notice and severance pay, and the claims of damages they have opened and the lawsuits, TL is expressed on the expression.

In light of all these, CHP's Fikri Sağlar gave a motion to draw attention to the parliament by the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

On the proposal, the AKP's ler High Speed ​​Train v investment with the promise of shortening the journey between provinces, the TCDD, the Court of Accounts said that more than 2 billion in a year, what the government will respond, the Ministry of Transport in the last 15 tender he asked what the names of the firms were, why the Ministry of Transport was doomed to do so and why the workers were left unattended in the hands of subcontractors.

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