Valve Tram Campaign Launched in Social Media

Van'a Tram campaign on social media: While the traffic of the city has been talked about a lot recently, the Van'a Tram project has been launched on social media.

While the traffic problem continues in Van, the city residents continue to call for a solution to the problem.
Parkomata Van Metropolitan Municipality, which is a short-term solution proposal for the traffic problem, which is getting more intractable with each passing day, was answered by the Van Metropolitan Municipality, and the municipality is expected to start the parkomat project in a short time. However, one of the important steps Van awaits in the long term is the tram project consisting of a light rail system.

The topic, which has been on the agenda for years, has become the most talked about topic of the last days by YYÜ, OIZ and other stakeholders, and that issue brought up by Tusba Municipality and OIZ has also become the agenda of social media. Bingöl University Faculty Member Asst. Assoc. Dr. While the people of Van participated in the campaign launched by Önder Çakırtaş with the hashtag #VanaTramvay, tram demands started to be voiced. Support for the campaign grew like an avalanche in a short time ...

On the other hand, while full support was provided to the tram project from social media, it started to be discussed whether the project would be implemented in Van. Upon the comments made by YYÜ Rector Peyami Battal for the system where he shared the details of the project that will extend from Edremit to the University before, OSB President Şemsettin Bozkurt shared his opinion on Twitter. Bozkurt, for the project whose applicability to Van is discussed:

"Bursa OSB President Tramway Manufacturer I Have Met. Daily 150 Thousand Passengers Said It Is Extremely Feasible For Build Operate Transfer At 50 Km."

Nowadays, when the tram project is frequently discussed, discussions on the implementation of the tram project in Van came to mind once again. When the shares on the issue that came to the fore in the past year increased, Kafkassam President Dr. The article Hasan Oktay wrote in 2015 came. Oktay, in that article, wrote the following article about the tram project in Van:

Van is one of the important cities of Eastern Anatolia. As a supply and fortification city just behind the Tbilisi-Revan-Tabriz defense line, it has a strategic importance in the Ottoman-Iranian geography competition. 1915 is the year of disaster for the Ottoman Empire, and the year when all disasters for Van were like a nightmare. Van lost its memory in 1915, it was burned and destroyed. It took years to recover, as if it could not straighten its back again. As if this were not enough, we will present you some sections from a study carried out in 23 to see if there would be a clue for planning about transportation while the city of Van, which was destroyed in the earthquake on 2011 October 1909, is being rebuilt. In 1909, a step was taken to operate a tram in Van and a feasibility report was prepared. Later political events prevented this initiative from being implemented, but today conditions are very suitable for the tram. In 1909, a study was carried out to establish a tram line to Aygestan, as the Armenians call it, from the old city in Van, where the current ruins are located in the south of the castle.

A feasibility report request form was sent from Istanbul to Vana and appropriate conditions for Van were asked in this request. First of all, a suitable route was questioned and a route was determined for the tram, starting from the pier and passing through the old city, from the paint mosque to the place where the governorship is located on Sıhke Street. This line will also be extended to Hacıbekir barracks with a branch diverging from the old prison to the right. In the written report, it is stated that this road is a high road and it is stated that it is suitable for tramway construction. The fact that this route was 1909 meters and in some places 15 meters wide in 6 conditions, it is very important for the establishment of the tram line that these streets connecting the new settlement center of Van, that is, the old city and the Bahçeler area, are extremely wide and well-maintained. In addition, finding a suitable route for the tram line by the engineer who prepared the report by examining the culverts on the road is considered the first step to start work.

It is extremely important for the applicability of this project that this route is suitable for the transportation needs of Van, the distance is short and the most suitable route that meets the transportation demands of the city. This study is also a very important report for Van urbanism. There are no car companies in Van under 1909 conditions. The city is almost divided into two parts, the old town in front of the castle on one side and the newly established vineyards and gardens on the other side are the Aygestan region. There is a considerable distance between them. There is a serious population mobility between this distance. There are 22 rental cars between these two settlements, each car has a capacity of four people and they transport passengers to Bağlar / Bahçeler / Aygestan, which is 40 km away, with a fee of 4 money per person. on average, each car makes eight round trips. As an important note in the report, it is stated that these cars carry 2500 people per day. But besides this, many people travel between the old city and the new city on foot or by their own transport vehicles. Goods and other goods are transported by ox cart. Therefore, a tram line is needed in Van. While an attempt was made for 1909 people under the conditions of 2500, today the population of Van is in the middle.

When the tram is installed, everything does not end, the most important thing is whether the line on which this tram will run is electric, ie the tram line will be electrical and electrical energy is needed for this line to operate. For this, a research was conducted and it was reported that an electricity production center could be established on two rivers close to the city. It is said that Bendi Mahi, that is Muradiye waterfall, can be used for electricity generation. With the electricity obtained here, the tram can be operated and the city can be illuminated. Even 1000 to 1500 houses in the city can subscribe immediately to benefit from this electricity. The money to be spent on the construction of the tram can also be obtained through this electricity generation. Moreover, electricity production for the tram will pay its own cost and the costs of the tramway operation will decrease considerably. In addition, it is stated in this report that hospitals, churches and mosques should use free electricity. Thus, the necessity of being a social state was revealed. We do not know why the construction did not start in this study conducted for the tram operation in Van in 1909, but at least it is very important to have such an enterprise in Van today. It is obvious that light rail transportation vehicles are now in great need in Van. I think it is the greatest right of the people of Van to want this work started in 1909 to yield results today. Van, which is an important center just behind the Tbilisi-Revan-Tabriz defense line, must reach its deserved place.

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