Valve Speed ​​Train and Trolley Coming

Valve High-Speed ​​Train and Trolley Come: Among the promises of elected voters in Van since the 'Tram and high-speed train' project could not be implemented. The project, which will be developed in many areas, especially in the city's traffic, has not led to the development of the project. The establishment of a tram system, which generates significant income from tourism and education areas, is of great importance in terms of universities and tourism, and the system also contributes to the development of these areas. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 5. The Regional Directorate stated that they were ready for all kinds of support in the event of the project.

Among his biggest dreams is TCDD 5, who stated that he was trying to get a tram to Van. Officials from the Regional Directorate said, olarak We are ready as a project, as engineering, as an institution and as a way, we are ready for us. Let's invite the Mayor of Van Metropolitan Municipality and Yüzüncü Yıl University as a partner. If they can come to us as 'How can we follow a path'. We are ready to do everything as institution, as an opportunity. Van will win. Not enough to get service. The fact that a tram, a subway, comes to Van means Van's investment development. They said it would be a blessing both for the people of Van and for the city and for the students studying here. Hem TCDD 5 is the biggest support for the tram project. . The project may be, for example, sent to Edremit from the university on the coastal road. Expropriation does not incur any cost, any cost or a price. Another line can be given from the university to the center of the bazaar via İskele Street.

It's the most appropriate line, it's not hard. It is not work that will be done after the budget is over. The event is entirely in the hands of the Mayor of Van and the University. If there is a common decision, the future road is still railways. Fast train to a city; it makes the city grow. This is not a hard thing for Van. They're gonna get us the big support. We are ready with everything, as long as the demand comes. Yeter Citizens, especially in the opinion that the need for a tram in Van, the city traffic in the case of tram arrivals would be relieved.

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