16 year-long yearning ends at Yunuseli Airport

Yunuseli Airport 16 year-longing ends: After the opening of Yenişehir Airport, Yunuseli Airport, which was closed in 2001, gave the fruit of the struggle of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality 6 for the opening of air transportation. Yunuseli Airport 1 will be opened from February to February, while Bursa Gemlik - Istanbul Haliç flights will be made from Yunuseli. Yunuseli Airport, where Bursa-Istanbul flights will be made in the first place, will be used more actively with the trainings to be made in short time and with flights and aviation trainings. Mayor Recep Altepe, on the one hand continued to provide support for the more active use of Yenişehir Airport, while the other side of the Yunuseli Airport with the commissioning of Bursa will have two active airports, he said.

With the aim of Bursa to be a prominent city in the aviation sector, the establishment of an aeronautical and space division within the Science Technology Center, the opening of a department related to aviation in the university, and the production of domestic aircraft, metropolitan municipality. came to an end in the work. Despite the fact that the protocols signed in previous years were suspended due to various reasons, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to start the flights from Yunuseli Airport in February after the approval of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. In this way, Yenişehir Airport, which was closed in 6 after the opening of Yenişehir Airport and which has remained idle until today, will be used again. From Gemlik to Golden Horn and from Burulaş airplanes, which have landed on land, 1 will depart from Yunuseli Airport as of February Wednesday and descend to the Golden Horn.

Final preparations
While one of the planes traveling between Gemlik and Haliç is already taking its place at Yunuseli Airport, the final preparations in the area are continuing with a fever. While the passenger waiting room and hangar construction made by the metropolitan teams has reached the stage of completion, BUSKİ teams have completed the necessary infrastructure works. Mayor Altepe, who said that Bursa's 16 year longing will no longer be fulfilled and that they have turned a subject that is considered as a dream into reality, said, “Flights start at Yunuseli Airport, which was actively used until 20 years ago. Very soon, this region will become an important aviation center with flight trainings and flights with different regions. We will have flights to Bursa and Aegean as well as the Mediterranean in the summer season. We have 4 seaplanes. The necessary apparatus was installed for these to land as well. After the end of the 3rd airport in Istanbul, flights can start as scheduled. However, we are planning to speed up the trips to different Anatolian cities with the aircraft of 25-30 people from Yunuseli. ”

Intense interest
Meanwhile, the fact that Yunuseli Airport will be opened to flights will also increase the aviation community's interest in this region. In order to benefit from the use of Yunuseli Airport, which has been transferred from the Air Force Command to the Metropolitan Municipality and to be operated by Burulaş, 20 has applied to Burulaş. The applications of these institutions, such as establishing a maintenance unit, opening a flight school, using a hangar and a runway, are evaluated by Burulaş.

The journey to be made between Yunuseli and the Golden Horn every day during the week will take 25 minutes. Airplane departure times will be 08.45 and 14.45 from Yunuseli and 09.45 and 15.45 from Haliç.

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