2023 Vision in Istanbul Metropolitan Rail Systems

2023 Vision of Istanbul Metropolitan Railway Systems: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas said, X We want more metro, more roads and cleaner Istanbul. He said he will give priority to rail system investments.

As Topbaş, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we increased our 2017 consolidated investment budget by 15 percent to 16.5 billion liras. For more metro, more roads, a cleaner environment and a more beautiful Istanbul… Istanbul is a city with a clean air above European standards, no water problems until 2040, successful in solid waste management, making the largest investments in the world in terms of transportation. said it became.

In the 2023 vision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, rail system investments have an important place. While almost half of the municipal budget is allocated for rail system investments every year, the works that President Kadir Topbaş started with the slogan "Metro everywhere, metro everywhere" continue at full speed. At the moment, more than 7 thousand people sweat underground 24 days 10 hours due to the rail system works of the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport in Istanbul. The rail system network of Istanbul, which was only 2004 kilometers before 45, has reached 149 kilometers today. When the rail system works, the construction of which continues until 2019, is completed, a transportation network of 480 kilometers will be reached. When all the planned lines are completed, Istanbul will become one of the world's leading cities in this field as a city with a rail network of more than a thousand kilometers.


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