Turkey, Siemens Business Place in the bottom of the Project Against Domestic Violence

Turkey, Siemens Business Locating the Project Against Domestic Violence Receives: Celebrating the Year of xnumx'ınc in Turkey Siemens, Sabanci University Corporate Governance Forum initiated by the business world as included in the Project Against Domestic Violence 'at Work Domestic Policy Guidelines Against Violence published.

Turkey, Siemens project to give all the support they need to have been exposed to violence between their employees and aims to raise awareness on this issue.

leading brands that drive technology, Siemens 160 years in many areas of life in Turkey is supporting the project to improve. Siemens, a company aware of the social responsibility of its employees, has been involved in the Business World Domestic Violence Project launched by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum in 2013. Cooperation within the scope of Turkey in the domestic company policy form that commits 17 company one of Siemens on violence, to give every support to victims of violence between its employees and the company training, aims at raising awareness on this issue.

Siemens Business Turkey's Domestic Violence Project, assessing the commitments to be included in the pilot company as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Siemens Turkey Hüseyin Gelis said:

“As Siemens, we see diversity as one of the most important factors of success and we lead the way for women to play a more active role in business life. Turkey established in order to ensure gender equality, women's economic participation in the process of 'Equality Business Platform are among the members. We place this approach at the center of all our values, from recruitment policies to our corporate culture. In this framework, by creating an equitable, healthy, safe workplace culture that does not tolerate any type of violence; We want to ensure that our employees have the necessary confidence in order to be exposed to domestic violence among Siemens employees, to provide all kinds of financial and moral support and to remove violence from their lives, while ensuring that their working lives are not affected by this process. We got involved with this project Siemens Turkey as we publish our objectives and principles. We plan to take place in the later stages of the project. "

17 company in Turkey Against Domestic Violence Policy Creates

The Business World Domestic Violence Project (BADV) project, by the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum in 2013, establishes support mechanisms in the workplace against the violence that employees are exposed to in close relation, and the best practices, tools and methods to reduce domestic violence by using the managerial and organizational capabilities of the business world. was designed on the dissemination.

In the second phase of the project at 2015, 'In order to combat domestic violence against women, the Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Business Policies for Combating Domestic Violence Against Women' is organized to support the created. The project carried out with the contributions of TÜSİAD and member companies; This guideline includes the support and monitoring of the companies that undertake to establish a company policy on domestic violence as a 'pilot company' throughout the process.

25 November 'Women Against Violence Against Violence' special 'orange' dressing

Violence is against any kind of Business Domestic Violence (BADV) Project 'What participated once again showing Turkey, Siemens Against Violence Against Women in November 25 its support for women at the United Nations Women's Department at the International Challenge Day (UN Women) She participated in the ”16 Daily Activism Campaign katıl which she organized around the world, in order to combat violence against women, and her building was covered with orange.

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