İZBAN Workers Expect Support from the People of Izmir

İZBAN Workers Expects Support from Izmir folk: they work in Turkey's longest commuter line but whereas it takes a strike by voicing İZBAN workers receive the lowest wages.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD in partnership with İZBAN AŞ, the workers were members of the Demiryol-İş union choked and 304 workers went out on strike. With the 110 kilometer line and 33 station from Izmir to Torbalı, Aliaga is the most important part of the city transportation and the strike is complete. Day was not made.


With the increase of 24, the workers who want to raise the lowest net wage to 1734 liras, demand that the bonuses be raised from 70 to 90. Metropolitan Municipality rejected the workers' demands and announced that it has recently withdrawn the offer from 12 to 15. On the other hand, the municipality put additional bus and ferry services along the line to neutralize the strike.

Talking to our newspaper, İZBAN workers explained their working conditions and demands. Ahmet Güler, the Chief Officer of the Company, who worked as a mechanic, stated that they showed good intentions in the meetings of the TİS in order not to be a victim to the people of Izmir. İS We interviewed our employer repeatedly with our 304 union member friend but despite all our good intentions, our negotiations did not match. It is said to be a proportional 15 bid, which is reported to the public, but this means that we receive wages at the poverty line because our salaries are low. Our 104 friend is still taking the minimum wage. We did not want to be the victims of the people of Izmir. While IZBAN grew day by day, our salaries were melted. 3. period TİS contract. We had no right to strike before. Following the decision of the Constitutional Court, we decided to strike against the wages under the poor. Every day we see the 350 thousand passengers, we carry them. Unfortunately, they made us strike. We will not give up. The wages we received are very low compared to the work we do. No matter how long we will be behind this work, we will never give up. Ne

Station Operator Kıvanç Tuncer, who stated that they were not taken into account because their demands were not high, said: “We work in 3 shifts and our hours are constantly changed. While we should be working like 7-3, 3-11, the chief comes out and says come 11-7 today. We are asked to work different hours. These can happen during our shift holidays. It can be the previous day when we can enter the shift holiday. All our life plans are turned upside down. Our salary is 33 percent less than other workers doing the same job as us. Unfortunately we have to compare. There is no other place to compare in Izmir. Our aim is not to bring the people of İzmir to these situations. we are bread kazanWe eat, we eat, and we want them to see and hear our demands. We want them to be a little more moderate.”


Erhan İlkan, who stated that the company that employs the workers in the lowest conditions on the railway network is İZBAN, also stated that işçi Our working conditions are heavy. 3 are working shifts. We are making 350-400 kilometers per day on a shift. Turkey's longest commuter line already busier than our essential work for him. We want improvement, not much. We don't want to buy 3 bin and 5 bin. People have the wrong information. They think we bought 3 bin 4 bin but my current net salary is 1485 TL. We want the people of Izmir to support us, "he said.
Canip Kuşkapan, who works as a technical maintenance person in fixed facilities, pointed out that a large part of the employees of İZBAN is in debt and said: çalışan Our salaries and social rights should be set to other municipal companies. We were also very restless. People are infamous on those buses. Soon we will get on those buses and go to our house, we will shoot that infamy. They should listen to our demands by putting their hands on their conscience. A Kuşkapan also expressed that they want to come to live in a city that is alive kent Our request is to have the power to take when our child wants something. We are making efforts to serve the people of İzmir. We want Izmir us to take care of us, Biz he said.


Berkan Tartan (Car Maintenance Worker): IZBAN is a newly established company. We were very hopeful, we worked very selflessly. But our labor is not given. The rate of hike given is low. We want to improve our wages. Conditions are hard. We hope we can. Salary hikes should not be approached proportionally. We want common sense and support from the people of Izmir.
İbrahim Çevik (Machinist): The wages we receive are very low. This forced us to strike. We're not responsible for this strike. Our supervisor is our employer. They could fix this, but they didn't need it. They dragged the people of Izmir into such a chaos. We want them to end this strike by accepting our demands. Or the business will grow. People will continue to suffer. The people of Izmir should be with us.

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