Many Alternative Route Works Related to Arslan, Kanal Istanbul

Arslan, Kanal Istanbul Many Alternative Route Study was made: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, this year, the high-speed train (YHT) fleet to the 6 set to remind them, Ulaştırma We started the process to get additional 10 set; Then we plan to take 96 set. X

Arslan made a presentation on the budget of the Ministry in the Planning and Budget Commission.

Arslan stated that they give priority to the completion of large projects in their policies on highways, speeding up their policies in this area, construction of highways with public-private partnership, completion of north-south corridors, completion of bituminous hot mix for road safety (BSK), increasing inspections, reduction of fatal accidents, dangerous stated that they set the transportation of goods in international norms.

Arslan said that the total length of the divided roads is about 25 thousand kilometers, and that thanks to these roads, considering the time and fuel savings, the annual 16 billion 552 million pounds have provided economic benefits.

Arslan also mentions the construction of ongoing motorway projects, including the construction of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway project, including the Osmangazi Bridge. expressed that it will open.

Light looks in the Ovit Tunnel

Arslan gave the following information in his presentation:

Ağ 1915 We made a tender for the 'Malkara-Gelibolu-1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Çanakkale Connection' section where the Çanakkale Bridge is located, 26 will receive offers in January. 1915 The Çanakkale Bridge will have an 2023 bin 2 meter middle aperture, symbolizing the 23 year. 100 of the Republic. We aim to open in. Processes for the Ankara-Niğde Motorway project, which is a kilometer in length, will be completed. Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Highway has been announced as of today.

Emphasizing that the Eurasia Tunnel will be opened in December 20 will be opened in December, Xnumx will be built on the Bosphorus. Tunnel will serve 3 million passengers per day and 6,5 will be integrated with separate rail system.

Arslan stated that 315 tunnels existed as of today and 2023 targets are to reach 470 tunnels and added, terek I hope that on Friday, we will perform the X light appeared terek ceremony of our biggest tunnel, the Ovit Tunnel. Bugün

Ya 29 million passengers were served with HRCs “

Arslan summarizes the objectives of the railways sector for the expansion of high-speed and high-speed train lines, the completion of the existing lines, the development of the national and national railway industry, the expansion of the logistics centers, the implementation of the liberalization of the sector, and 12. thousand 532 mileage railway network business administration said.

Arslan stated that high-speed trains (YHT) have been serving 29 million passengers until now, ehir The number of passengers transported by rail between Ankara and Eskişehir has increased from 8 to 72 with XHT from 66. Between Ankara and Konya, the XNUMX of the total passenger is transported by YHT. Toplam

”In 96 set, our goal is to make at least 51 native“

To improve passenger transport this year, they have added 6 set to the YHT fleet. In this 10 set, our goal is to make at least 96 domestic. Imiz

Arslan pointed out that approximately 160 million people have been served to date with Marmaray project, and that there have been misfortunes in the tendering processes related to the suburban lines under Marmaray, and that the project is continuing to be integrated with metro and HVL lines.

Regarding the completion of the basic legislation necessary for the liberalization movement in the railways, Arslan said, ında We have divided the railways into infrastructure and transportation as in the aviation sector. The sector is free. Since the beginning of next year, the private sector will be able to train. Currently, the private sector has about 4 bin wagons, they serve with them. X

”We grew 3 solid of world average in aviation“

Arslan pointed out that 3 solid growth was achieved in world aviation in aviation, and he added that successful public-private cooperation practices, domestic and national aircraft construction, and localization of space and aviation technologies will continue.

The world's air traffic displaced center of gravity eastward pointing Arslan, Turkey, he said that they have set goals in this regard on behalf of the center. Arslan will serve 90 million of Istanbul New Airport 1. said that they aim to open 2018 in the first quarter.

”Our goal is that Türksat 6A is completely local and national“

Turkey's satellite fleet and Armstrong also providing information relating to the coverage, he continued:

Uz We continue the tender process of Türksat 5A and 5B. We aim to make Türksat 5A at ​​the end of 2018 and 5B at the end of 2019. We have made an important deal with Inmarsat. We continue our studies on Turksat 6A. Our goal is to make Türksat 6A completely local and national. Ama

Arslan, Turkey Space Agency on the establishment of the Draft Law prepared and brought to the Prime Minister stating that the presentation stage, "I hope then come before the assembly." He said.

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