Vehicle Density in Yedigöller National Park to be Avoided by Ropeway

Vehicle density in Yedigöller National Park will be prevented by ropeway: Yedigöller National Park, located in Bolu, famous for its natural beauties, is planned to establish a ropeway line for the prevention of vehicle density.

The General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks and Bolu Municipality hosted thousands of visitors from Turkey and abroad and started work on the future.

Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz, said in a statement to journalists in the institution, gave information about the work.

Turkey's pupil Seven Lakes National Park, especially in the fall, around the world by thousands of photo-loving nature lovers Yilmaz stressed that visited the region to prevent damage to said they planned to do some work.

Yedigöller'e Bolu, Mengen and Zonguldak from Devrek district, including 3 different routes can be reached by Yilmaz, said:

Var In Yedigöller, maybe there is an area where we can circulate 10 a thousand people at the same time. But when the vehicles enter the national park, the business becomes inextricable. There is a region called 'Ayıkayası' on the way from Bolu. There is a parking lot for a thousand cars, social facilities, maybe even places to stay, and from there down to the ropeway, we will cut both the traffic of the vehicle and reduce the intensity as well as let everyone come to see the beauty of Yedigöller. In the same way, we intend to make parking on the entrances to both Mengen and Zonguldak. Aynı

7 they planned kilometer cable car line and Nature Protection and National Parks in the parking lot project General Directorate officials with the idea of ​​voicing exchanged Yilmaz, "one of Turkey's most important natural beauty we finished the approval of the puddles of planning. After that, Gölcük will probably be the first planned development area. Yedigöller related to the ministry continues to work. De said.

On the other hand, Ayikayası'nın the top of the glass terrace by making a holiday, the vacationers will be provided the opportunity to monitor and photograph nature.

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