President Kocaoğlu, İZBANa do not confuse politics

Mayor Kocaoğlu, İZBANa do not confuse politics: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Selcuk, 126 km length of new drinking water network has started to establish the network. 17.3 million pounds investment made by İZSU was held because of the ceremony was held. Aziz Kocaoglu, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, gave important messages from Selçuk to the efforts of B İZBAN strike and making the process a tool for politics..

President Kocaoğlu stated that institutions should not be the backyard of politics and criticized the intervention of the AKP Provincial Chairman with the following words:

Mi Are such important projects worth politics? Isn't that a pity from Izmir? What is the purpose here? If politics is done for the country, for the state, for the nation, for future generations, it is a very noble business. But it's just a pity for the foot game, it's a pity to become your hometown! Shame on us, shame on all of us! ”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate has started to renew the 1970 km drinking water network of Selçuk district. A ceremony was held in the district due to the commencement of the work to replace the network that caused the old and the fugitives. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu in his speech here, thanks to the investment in the city's healthy drinking water will have achieved, he said.

Stating that significant investments were made by İZSU in the district, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the General Directorate of İZSU has spent TL 25 million so far with the ongoing works in the district. Emphasizing that the wastewater network and treatment plants will be implemented in Belevi, Çamlı, Zeytinköy, Gökçelan and Şirince within the scope of the planned activities, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that the existing treatment in Selçuk is not enough and that they have been working for the new project for a long time and that the facility will take action for the construction. told. President Aziz Kocaoglu, although not in the jurisdiction of the Pamucak region for the treatment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, he added.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, closely related to the district of Selçuk Bayındır Region Site and Bergama construction site will be put into service with the ceremony in the coming weeks also gave the gospel.

İZBAN Our Pride Project
Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stated that the station, underpass and overpass constructions, which are the responsibility of the municipality in the Torbali-Selcuk section of the IZBAN line, have been completed and said, proje The project was changed for the construction of one more station for the benefit of Belevi. We started his work too. There is currently a delay on the TCDD side. We see this as a problem that comes entirely from the nature of the business. I think next September-October, when the signaling work is finished, we will start flights to Selçuk. ”

12 for years, metro and tram projects, roads, boulevards, treatment facilities, such as signifying that they have signed a great deal President Aziz Kocaoglu, two of the most affecting the project, he explained the following:

Biri One of them is İZBAN and one is İzmir Geothermal A.Ş. İZBAN is the first institution in which a local government and a government agency are 50 partners. TCDD's commuter lines cannot work efficiently without the support of local government. This example, the fusion of the locality and the general, is of great importance in terms of the emergence of a synergy. İzmir Jeotermal A.Ş was established in partnership with the Special Administration and Metropolitan Municipality, now has the power to establish a cure center for the development of tourism and has become one of the most value added companies in the public sector. Why is this important? It is important not to intervene in politics in the workplace and in the economy, and not in the backyard of politics. IZBAN, Geothermal Inc. is among the most successful institutions in the field. Everyone has to act according to the goal, the purpose of the company, and unity of destiny. We have been doing this right for both companies at 11 for years. ”

Have you ever had a collective agreement?
İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Kocaoğlu expressed the reaction of the AKP İzmir Provincial Mayor to intervene in the process with these words:

“The collective bargaining agreement did not take place in our company and the union went on strike using its natural right. We have made all our decisions together with the Board of Directors of İZBAN. Or rather they gave it. The latest percent has decided to raise the 15 board. The union did not accept and said 'I will go on strike'. Currently, the Chairman of the Board of Directors has a representative of TCDD. 8 of the board member of 4 is appointed by TCDD and 4 by Metropolitan Municipality. After the strike began, 'let the process cool down by the end of the week, we will continue to meet again from Monday' we said. AKP Provincial Chairman Mr. Bülent Delican, I think TCDD Regional Director on Thursday, going to the union. Then he goes to IZBAN General Manager and calls me from there. This is the state of the Republic of Turkey. We also kurumlarıyız state of the Republic of Turkey. Our written and unwritten rules determine how the state should be governed and who is authorized in which institution. I can't accept that. He said to him, 'Have you ever signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement? Do you know how it is done, what negotiations, what discussions are made, how it is recorded? I said. 'I don't know but I'll learn' he said. I'm not saying 'you can't', I'm saying 'did you'. Of course, no one learns in the mother's womb. So far, I have signed a collective bargaining agreement close to 100.

Is it worth it to do politics?
Delican, this output caused unrest among employees indicating that President Kocaoglu, "This friend confused Izmir to go there. We have a contract with the same union at Metro. Taking courage from here, the drivers at ESHOT started to say that we will not work overtime. Who made this exit? Bülent Delican did it. Is he entitled? No .. Do you have authority? No .. Does he know? He does not know. Why did he do it? Are such important projects worth being used for politics? For God's sake, I'm asking you all, is it worth making politics? Isn't that a pity from Izmir? What will be won? What is the purpose? If politics is done for the country, politics is for the state, if it is for future generations, it is not a noble task if it is not done for tripping each other. But it's a pity if you're just constructing it for the foot game, you become your country. Shame on us, pity on all of us. ”

State dressage is something else
Calling everyone to comply with the law and the code of ethics, Mayor Kocaoglu continued his words as follows:
Yönetmek Managing the state is something else. The personality trait called the state decency is something else. This will all be overcome. We will continue to work for our city, to serve our city, to our city without ever looking back, without saying 'that said, this said'. But all our politicians should be sincere. Like I didn't make the collective agreement. The last day I went because the Deputy Undersecretary was also there. We agreed at the 15 percentage increase. I wasn't involved in anything else. We do not have the authority to sign a collective agreement anyway. I think it is our natural right to invite everyone, but everyone, to act in accordance with the rules, in accordance with the law, in accordance with the universal ethics, in a state responsibility. ”

Investments endure 4
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 2004-2009 years, 2 has made close to the investment, the second period of this figure 4,5 billion, indicating that the Mayor Kocaoglu, 2014-2019 billion pounds until the end of the investment will reach 8 said. Mayor Kocaoglu, "These are only metropolitan municipality with their own power, is done with their own credibility," he said.

Equal service without political care
Seljuk Mayor Dahi Zeynel Bakıcı stated that there was an important day for the district and said, olarak As a mayor, I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor for providing equal service to all districts without political concern. What we need today is that we can act together without any worries. This is a virtue. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor for showing this virtue. These are examples of behavior. The investments of the Metropolitan Municipality do not stop there. We will have a brand new modern terminal. Today, we will not go to any plain point, surface coating work is continuing. We don't have any room without a lock stone. I would like to thank our Mayor for all these investments. ”

Emphasizing that the General Directorate of İZSU is a very important institution, Bakıcı said, “İZSU is one of the institutions that should be taken as an example with its actions and implementations. I am proud and honored to have been in İZSU for many years. One of our biggest concerns was non-potable water. We will now have the opportunity to safely drink the mains water flowing from the fountains. Asbestos pipes are removed, the pipes used in most modern countries are coming. ”

Healthy and uninterrupted water will be provided to Selçuk
Within the scope of 17.3 million pounds investment, the drinking water network of 126 kilometers will be renewed. Manufacturing work started in Zeytinköy continues in the center of Pamucak and Selcuk. Works will be completed in September of 2017. Thus, the district center will have healthy and uninterrupted water and water leaks will be prevented.

İZSU investments exceed 25 million TL
38.4 kilometers long drinking water network, 6.4 kilometers long sewage system and 1.5 kilometers long rain water line were installed by IZSU. 3 water wells were drilled. Zeytinköy and Barutçu villages gained a healthy network. Canal and rain water line were laid in the Agricultural Industry Area. Pamucak Tourism Area, Mass Housing Area has reached healthy drinking water network. Abuhayat and İncirli streams passing through the district center are being improved. Reinforced concrete sections are manufactured in two streams of 1.1 kilometers passing through Cumhuriyet Neighborhood. At the end of the study, railings will be secured by attaching railings to the river.

60 million investment in Selcuk
A total of 4 million TL was spent for the station building, 2 highway underpass and 24.2 highway overpass, which were built within the scope of the extension of İZBAN line to Selçuk. Within the framework of surface coating works, 99 km production road was built and 64 thousand tons of hot asphalt was poured.

An important project such as Deppo Efes, which was provided financial support within the scope of the joint project, was added to the district as well as the alternative construction of Şirince Village, Fire Building, Cultural Center and municipal shops. Sirince Math Village is being organized. Over 35 million TL investment has been made in the district for paving works, parquet-border support and joint projects. Total investments made with İZSU exceeded 60 million pounds.
Following the completion of the tender processes, construction of important projects such as District Garage, Solid Waste Transfer Station and Metropolitan Municipality Service Building will be started in the coming months.

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