Izmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan Prepared

izmir sustainable urban logistics plan prepared
izmir sustainable urban logistics plan prepared

Izmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan was prepared; İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared İzmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (LOPİ) with the aim of making passenger and freight transport in the city in the light of European standards and scientific criteria. Lopik, it was the first logistics plan prepared by a city in Turkey.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, prepare logistics plans in Turkey was the first local government. In the 15 month-long preparatory program, executives and experts from the relevant units of the municipality, academicians, officials from relevant public institutions and organizations, logistics and cold storage companies, representatives of the private sector, district municipalities and non-governmental organizations worked together.

During the preparatory process, four workshops and one overseas study tour were also conducted. Turkey's National Transport Master Plan, Turkey Logistics Plan target of legislation and other studies related to work, strategy, policy and examined the results. As a result, the İzmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (LOPI), which is in line with the İzmir Transportation Master Plan, has emerged.

What happens next?

Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eser Atak, explaining the importance of LOPİ, emphasizes that the ultimate goal is to minimize the negative social and environmental impacts of urban logistics activities and to develop solutions. “Now, the goal is to bring LOPI to life, Eser said Eser Atak,“ We ​​will start creating action-oriented action plans for this purpose. The plan envisages strengthening transport connections, planning logistics centers, creating new truck parking areas. In the table that will appear when the parts are combined; We will see that freight and passenger transport becomes more efficient and efficient, traffic congestion, noise, high exhaust emission and other negative environmental factors regress. However, with the reduction of the costs in all these areas, we will make a great contribution to the national wealth. İzmir, while walking to the future with health; sustainable urban logistics practices will be among the best cities. ”

Why and how LOPI was prepared?

Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216; healthy transportation, seamless transportation of cargo and passengers, the establishment of terminals, parking, construction plans in the light of plans, ports, railways and railway facilities, urban and external highways, customs sites, industrial and storage facilities, such as the determination of the location of the most important tasks.

In order to fulfill all these tasks in the most accurate and healthy way, proper planning is essential. Within this framework, first of all, freight and passenger transportation in İzmir was taken x-ray. It was determined where the traffic load increased, for what reasons and in what time periods. While these studies are presented with observations and statistical data obtained from related institutions and organizations; surveys were conducted with representatives of the logistics sector, dozens of commercial firms, producers in urban and rural areas, drivers and tradesmen. Future population, labor, trade potential and vehicle growth projections were also prepared.

In the light of all these; İzmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (LOPI), where problems and solutions and plans and project proposals are included, emerged.

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