Women Machinists of Railways

In Eskişehir, 8 female machinists working within TCDD are appreciated for their performance in their work known as the male profession.

Female mechanics at the Hasanbey Logistics Center use diesel and electric locomotives for intercity trips as well as maneuvers in the city.

The warehouse chief of the center, Enver Toker, stated that he has been working in this sector for 40 years and said that the railways have opened their doors to women machinists in the last few years. Explaining that mechanics is a heavy profession, Toker said, “With the developing technology, women mechanics were needed. We are very satisfied with our friends. They have been able to use all locomotives by going through various training phases. " said.

Toker, said the female mechanic was carrying out the tasks successfully, said:

“I think they are beneficial in terms of work efficiency. We have 8 female machinists. Our girls are very diligent. When they get a certificate of competence to use machines, they are eager to go on a voyage. They really love their job. Currently, apart from the inner city maneuvers, they also go on trips outside the city. Women drivers have the knowledge and equipment to use any type of train. In the future, they will be able to use High Speed ​​Train (YHT) after training. "

  • "I have been using trains since the age of 18"

Nisa Çötok Arslan, 25, one of the machinists, said that she started working in Haydarpaşa in 2010 and worked in Eskişehir for the last 3 years.

Arslan told that he wanted to be a teacher when he was little, he said:
“When I got the rail systems department and graduated, I started to like this profession. We only work 8 women here but we have difficulties. We see that the infrastructure for women is not yet sufficient. I have been using trains since the age of 18. Currently not in my target, but I would like to use YHT. This job is seen as a men's job. It is indeed a difficult profession, but there is nothing that a woman cannot achieve if she wants to. We need to stand steady and strong. "

"We fulfill our duty properly"

25 age of the machinist of the still-immigrant Seçil Ölmez also said that his grandfather and father preferred the rail systems department in high school because he is a TCDD employee.

Then this area, who stated that they received an associate education Ölmez, continued as follows:
“I started working at TCDD in 2011. I have been working as a mechanic for 5 years. We fulfill our duty properly, like our boyfriends. There are people who are surprised to see us. There are even those who don't believe we are machinists. I use all electric and diesel trains. I have YHT at my target. I hope I would like to use it in the future. For this, all our conditions meet. "

Machinist Sevilay Köseoğlu stated that mechanic is seen as a male profession and said, “It is a difficult profession but there is nothing to do after asking. I never dreamed of it. When I won this episode in high school, I sat down and cried, but now I'm very happy. When I complete my qualification documents, I would like to use YHT. I want women to do this job. We are currently in the minority in this area. Do not hesitate, there is no work that cannot be achieved after believing. " gave his statements.



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