Municipality Does Not Give Her Drink License To Operators In Bar Street

Municipality does not provide a license to the operators in the Street of Bars Street: After Yozgat and Bolu, now the owners of the bars on the Kocaeli Tram route have been demolished once again from the municipality.
Within the scope of the tram project in Kocaeli's Izmit district, some places on the route were expropriated. Most of the expropriated places were drinking places in the bar street of the district. Operators whose bars are destroyed are victims. It is claimed that the municipality did not give a new place and license by saying medi we will commit sin Bel. It is claimed that the members of the CHP, who are trying to resolve the grievance, are saying 'you are chasing alcoholics'. Ibrahim Guclu member of the Municipality of Izmit Ibrahim Guclu, ları Izmit Mayor Nevzat Dogan, the traders destroyed the premises, the license to open a new location does not give. Because he's scared. He thinks that he will hinder his political stability. Siy
'They promised'
After Yozgat and Bolu, a blow to drinking places came from Kocaeli. Timuçin Sayıner, a street shop tradesman in Kocaeli, said: Our venues were closed months ago by using the tram project as an excuse Bizim. Sayıner told the newspaper the process that took place: u They said the tram line would pass from where our spaces were. The Chamber of Architects and civil society organizations insisted that this was not a good route for the tram, but the municipality insisted. When we learned that our places would be destroyed, we immediately met with the authorities. We had a meeting. 'We didn't think about you,' they said. When we were nervous, they met us with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın. Büyükakın said, 'We show you a place. 66 acres, seaside. You will pass here 'he said. We have also drawn projects. Metropolitan Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, contrary to the Coastal Edge Law saying, 'I can not accept it' he said. President Karaosmanoğlu'nun the press, 'Yemişim Coastal Edge Law' is known. Isn't the town hall attached to the Coastal Edge Act? Our problem is bread. Bizim
Only the bars were destroyed '
Serkan Guyu, who was shut down, told the authorities that they may have been granted licenses until now, but they say that if we give them after that, we sin. Or There is no logic of passing the tram. Within the scope of the project, only our places were destroyed, devam said Guyuk. They only had a meeting with us once. We find space. We are willing to pay all the costs, but the municipal license manager says, 'we cannot issue a political license'. What do we do now?
'Due to overprints'
CHP council member Ibrahim Strong shopkeepers destroyed the first, 'a mosque, a place not close to school, let's give the license' he said. Strong, den If you find the appropriate place of trades 'can not give a license' is called. Officials from the AKP say that they cannot issue licenses due to overpressures. They're scared. Kork

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