Alstoma 21 High Speed ​​Train Order from the French Government

alstom bombardier
alstom bombardier

Alstoma 21 high-speed train order from the French government: The French government ordered the 630 high-speed train to cost 21 million euros to discourage the fast train manufacturer Alstom, who is considering stopping production at the Belfort plant for declining orders.

President Francois Hollande was working hard to prevent the French company's factory in the south of France and the loss of employment there.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced the development of his twitter account, "Alstom's factory at Belfort has been saved."

The government of France, which owns the 20 of Alstom, is accused of acting too late in the country and shortly after the elections, and the state rail company SNCF, which has created a burden for taxpayers, while the new train does not require a new train.

Alstom, who has been producing trains in the Belfort factory since 1880, announced last September that it decided to shift its production to Reichshoffen near the German border until 2018.

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