Train robbery in India that doesn't call movies

Train Robbery That Does Not Search Movies in India: They stole 860 thousand dollars from the train in India and under the nose of the police.
In India's Tamil Nadu state, a train carrying the money of the Central Bank was robbed by a method that did not include Western films.
It was understood that the train, which carried the Salem-Chennai expedition in India and carried the old but still valid money that was taken at the Central Bank branch in Chennai, was robbed under the nose of 15 accompanying police, only when the train arrived at the last stop.

The Central Bank officials, who opened the wagon full of money, saw that some of the polls were opened and that the Indian Rupee was worth $ 860 a thousand dollars. In the meantime, the roof of the wagon was found to be pierced by passing through a human.

15 was the police guard in the wagon right behind the wagon.
Police, 6-8 allegedly carried out by the person reported that the robbery was carried out on the train.
350 stop on the 12 stop along the way, the authorities reported that the authorities, the police station on these stops, some officials, even because of the presence of electricity, the train's ceiling, but instead of the electric locomotive of the train instead of electric locomotive 80 kilometer Aathur akiVridhachalam town is thought to be robbed between the township is said.

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