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Bored piles in the sewerage: The bored piles in the underpass construction in front of the YHT Station coincided with the sewer main line and the sewer infrastructure of Maltepe Eti District collapsed. Citizens rebelled against the situation while the ground floors were flooding. ASKI officials have changed the location of the line will be solved the problem announced.
In the capital city, the ground floor in Maltepe Eti neighborhood was flooded because of the damage to the sewer main line of the bored stake in the underpass construction in front of the new High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station. Especially when the workplaces were damaged due to the raids, the citizens started to evacuate the sewers which were overflowing the manholes by giving them to the roads with pumps. At We are buried in the microbe, lar said the residents of the neighborhood 10 for days because of the problem they could not find an interlocutor rebelled against the situation. Ramazan Akkan, the manager of Gazi Business Center, said that ASKI gave information that the problem was caused by the bored stake in the underpass construction.
Ye The main line of ASKİ at Ali Suavi Street was renewed 2 years ago. It's been a long time. When 9 was blocked in August, we called ASKİ. They found that all the manholes were full. Later on, in the examination they made in front of the YHT Station in the junction of the company's accidentally stubby pile on the main line of our channel connected to the stake was determined. The main part of the main line in Celal Bayar Boulevard is blocked with concrete. Ali Suavi is a very big street. There are many business centers, private schools and sewers of these areas are completely blocked. On Saturday, the lower floors were flooded with the products of the companies, the parking lots of the buildings and the lower floors were completely in the dirty water.

When we talked with ASKI, they said that the company would completely renew the line they damaged when Celal Bayar Boulevard was closed to traffic. As a workaround, Gazi Faculty of Architecture is trying to transfer another engine by setting up another engine. The amount the engine pulls is less than these buildings. We talked to the firm responsible. They said we took two diver engines and they both burned. 10 water is entering the foundation of the buildings for the day. There's a heavy smell in the area. Çankaya ASKİ Regional Directorate, we called many times, we left the phone number, did not return. Ankara 1. We went to the President of the Region and we couldn't see him. People go through the streets by pressing sewage water. Human health is at stake. İnsan
Ramazan Akkan pointed out that they tried to evacuate the dirty waters on the ground floors by hand of officials. Ina A lot of places on the street throw water on the ground with a pump. The streets are full of sewage. It's close to a thousand. 5 is more than a thousand people. Private schools, shops all kinds of shops. The problem is great. No one is not interested. The last ASKİ petition has not turned him. We were in the middle, Ort he said.

Stating that the companies that sell building materials in the region suffered great damage due to sewage rains, store manager Zafer Eğridere said, sat Everywhere he stayed in the dirt. We don't know what to do. Loss will detect insurance, the loss is great, Zar he said. Fatih Yılmaz, who is an owner of the electronics business, said that many of his materials have become unusable.
Bored piles, or even damage to the work stating that ASKI officials will be provided by changing the location of the line said. Officials said, hatta There were even piles in the bored piles. We've been asked to dispatch. Friends prepared projects. The line will be replaced when the required permissions are removed. Water is being thrown by submersible pumps. Written articles are written to the necessary institutions, the permissions will be removed by changing the location of the line will be fixed hatt he said.

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