Reliable results with Konecranes RailQ Rail Road Analysis

Reliable results with Konecranes RailQ Rail Road Analysis: The Konecranes RailQ Rail Path analysis provides a detailed analysis of your crane's walking paths using the precise measurement technique. The remote-controllable precision measuring instrument analyzes in depth the level and condition of your walkways, providing you with a detailed visual report on your walkways. RailQ can be used to measure the rail track of almost any roof crane and port crane.
Your crane should not walk correctly; There may be many reasons such as worn rails, wheels and handpieces, bearing and guide wheel failures, structural defects of the crane or mechanical failures. Cranes must move accurately on the rail to avoid frequent wheel changes and rail wear. Frequent changeover and rail wear create operations that are inefficient and non-compliant with standards, apart from causing high repair costs and downtime. Old-time rail measurement techniques can take a long time and the measurement results cannot be precisely determined. With Konecranes RailQ Rail Path Analysis, measurements are presented quickly, safely and precisely together with the comments and suggestions of our experts.

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