3. The bridge will end in 10 days

  1. The bridge will be finished in 10 days: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “There is no malfunction in Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. We will open the bridge on August 26th. "All work will be finished on 20-21" he said.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan answered questions on the agenda at NTV.
The highlights of the description are as follows:
Tender in 3-storey Istanbul Tunnel within a year
After the July 15 coup attempt, there was no calendar change in any of the projects. The 3-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel project will be integrated with other rail systems and highways, through which 6,5 million people travel. It will bring tunnel cars starting from TEM. We take this project very seriously. We went to the consultancy tender for the latest drillings and the preparation of the specification for the build-operate-transfer model. Three companies received technical qualifications in the offers received. As of yesterday, we received financial offers from three companies. The company has been decided, work will begin. Three companies from Italy, Spain and Turkey applied. Yuksel Proje tendered kazanwas. Within a year, we will go out to tender for the construction of the three-storey tunnel.
Construction ends in 10 days on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge has two features. Large heavy trucks passing through the north without entering Istanbul traffic. It will also house a railway. There are also connection roads. It is completely finished. We visited the construction site with our Prime Minister last Saturday. There is no glitch. We will open the bridge on August 26th. All work will be finished on the 20-21.
Eurasia Tunnel opens on December 20
There is no calendar change in the Eurasia tunnel. A project that will minimize Sultanahmet and its vicinity in the historical peninsula. Citizens from the Anatolian Side will enter the Karacaahmet Cemetery from there. It is getting to be crossed by the car in the near future. We will open it for operation on 20 December. It will take the burden of the historical peninsula.
Will the airports be named martyrs?
15 July night will be given to all of the martyrs. There are also demands for airports. We'il consider them.
Asset fund to speed up projects
There is no problem in financing existing projects. With the fund of funds, it will be possible to establish other funds. When you receive a long-term loan, credit institutions take additional costs by taking into account the risk. With this fund, the risk will be reduced and the cost will not increase. It will enable faster and easier funding of large projects in transportation. Increase the speed of projects.
Average 20 thousand vehicles pass per day
Together with the Osmangazi Bridge, we opened the 58-kilometer section. Our guarantee for the bridge is 40 thousand. If you make an investment of 6,5 billion dollars without spending any money in projects of this size, there are guarantees to be given here. The traffic we initially expected from the bridge was 15 thousand. Currently, an average of 20 thousand vehicles a day pass. This is above what we expected. When we open the road to Bursa at the end of the year, vehicle traffic will increase when the entire highway is finished. We will also exceed the guarantee figure. The news with 5-6 thousand figures based on false information.
The first excavation on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in 2017
We made tenders for the North Marmara highway. Other than this, our priority project is 1915 Canakkale Bridge. This year we want to hit the dig in next year's auction.
We are in the last phase of the Channel Istanbul route
We have worked on an alternative itinerary about Kanal Istanbul project. We've been working all the way to the finest detail as if it were going to be. We do not want to explain the route by 100 clarification to avoid speculation. Work on the route has reached the final stage. We are working on the financial method of the project. We're finishing it. The tender process will then begin. The project may mislead the calendar. If we can start the tender process by the end of the year, 1,5-2 will be in the course of the year.
TIB will be moved to a new building
TİB was a separate structure, we include it in BTK. We will build a new building and move it. It has to fulfill its current functions. It will be within the BTK, but not the TİB presidency.

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