Bursaray's wagons shortened fish hoard journey started

Bursaray's wagons shortened and the fish hoard journey began: Citizens who complain about the insufficient air conditioning in the municipal and private public buses in Bursa and the fact that they are not turned on at all are very difficult to benefit from public transportation services in the African heat that is above the seasonal norms.

The lack of air conditioning and insufficient air conditioning in public transportation vehicles, including the renewed private public buses in Bursa, brings reactions.
Air temperatures have been above seasonal norms in Bursa for a while.
Although the African temperatures are effective in the city, the lack of air conditioning in the buses causes criticism of Bursa residents ...
On the other hand, BURSARAY's shortening of wagons also drew reaction.
In the heat of summer, as usual, the people who had to make fish trip, rebelled against their suffering.


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