Mayor Topbaş Tells Giant Projects

Mayor Topbaş told Giant Projects: Kadir Topbaş, who explains the major transportation projects for Istanbul, said that the historic Artillery Barracks and the modern opera house will be built in Taksim Square, and that President Erdoğan's opinion is in this direction.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, visited Çengelköy, which showed great resistance against the coup attempt on the night of July 15 and conveyed his wishes of getting well soon, saying, “We will build a large park next to Çamlıca Mosque and give the name Gazi Çengelköy Park so that the epic of Çengelköy residents will not be forgotten. We want to do it in a very short time. "We are working on his project."
As the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, 4 announces that 7 will make the tender for the new metro line as of August. X The new highway tunnels of 23 kilometers will go to Büyükçekmece. Total 10 billion dollar jobs. Investments will continue. We want to use the underground more and get the traffic to relax. We can afford it. We won't stop, we'il do more. We will become stronger. Daha
During the Gezi Park protests Topbaş recalled that serious damage was caused to public property and regional tradesmen. Iz It is democratic right, you come to say your opinion, you make your criticism. But you cannot harm public property made by the money of all citizens. What's right is the squares today. Every political party exists. There are people of different faiths, but they don't even hurt a flower. Farklı
He knows that there are various criticisms about the treacherous cemetery and that he speaks with the President of Religious Affairs, Mehmet Görmez about this matter. Bu They held a meeting at the High Council of Religious Affairs. He said that families are very likely to be offended. 'It would be right to remove the sign,' he said. I lifted it, Ben he said.
Artillery will be the art gallery
Istanbul's 8 thousand 500 years, including many historical works emphasizing the Topbas, Taksim Square in the Ottoman period of the Artillery Barracks, that the architect can not accept biased postures, he said. Underlining that the ini we don't want, attitude was correct, Topbaş continued his words as follows:
Iyor Let's discuss, it's not talk. There are examples in Germany. On display, the public says 'okay' and done. Taksim has now become a place where metros are integrated. There is nowhere for people to spend time in Taksim. In the past, the residence, the hotel, the AVM will be done. No such thing was considered. Mr. President mentioned that we are small commercial units. We will do Taksim Artillery Barracks.
Our president is already clear. We think of art gallery as a function. Too many trees for him not removed. Those trees aren't very old. Consider the cafes inside and out overlooking the art gallery. And people can come to the Champs-Elysées, and there can be an art gallery, where they can sit in cafes until late. The project work continues. There will be a car park underneath. There were board decisions on this. It became clear that court decisions could also be made. Mr. President said that it would be right to do this work. It will serve the city's culture as a function. Fonksiyon
Saying that everything was done together at Taksim AKM and that it was wrong, Topbas said, arada We also give concerts at the opera. Meetings are also held. Actually, opera is something different. It has to be made according to its own sound, acoustics. Mr. President is saying. There is an Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by adding the car park of our architects, an opera building must be implemented with the beautiful project. It's been this way for years. Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage was also opposed. We did, now serves as an excellent theater hall tiyatro he said.
Kabataş Pointing out that the square project is very important for Istanbul, Topbaş said; “There is now 28 million daily movements in Istanbul traffic. This will increase to 40-50 million as the city develops. So we have to integrate all the systems. In transportation investments, we put the weight on the subways. Kabataş such a node. There is sea transportation, funicular, tram and highway, metro is coming. There is serious chaos. People enter from the bottom, come out from the top, chaotic. There is no square concept. Let's take the traffic underground here. Metro coming from Mahmutbey to Beşiktaş Kabataşwill continue in Karaköy direction. Then he will go from Beşiktaş to Sarıyer. Traffic from the sea is transferred to the subways. It will be integrated in the subway station we will build without going to the surface. And Üsküdar-Kabataş Those who come to Üsküdar through the Pedestrian Tunnel that we will build will be able to walk across the Bosphorus without going to the surface. It will be a beautiful square on top. It will be an important distribution point with the renewed piers. Road traffic also flow from the bottom and people should not be poisoned by exhausts. ”
For a 2-year study with all permits of the project such as EIA report and Conservation Board KabataşStating that the sea traffic in Turkey was directed to other piers, Topbaş said, “Construction will begin as soon as the democracy watches are over. Kabataş it will be a very nice place. There they own the ferry-style ferry ports. Simple structures made of tin. If there are complaints about traffic, Kabataş if it is a node, these will be done. I say it clearly, we will do whatever it takes. They also opposed the subway bridge. KabataşWe are doing a very nice project with traffic and subways under it with a very nice square concept at the top. Development is not opposed, there is a need. Sir, you can't say 'why is the population growing?' It is increasing in all the cities of the world. You have to make these investments to relieve urban life. When we finish these projects, we will take measures to restrict access to some points or make them monetary in the future. ”
In his speech, Kadir Topbaş also mentioned a new transportation project and announced that the electric buses would work in the Historic Peninsula. Indicating that they plan to clear this area from traffic at certain times, Topbas said, baş We will make the Historic Peninsula a region with more electric vehicles. We want this region to be mostly pedestrian. We do it in order to create a cleaner air and more beautiful walking areas. Bunu

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