Osmangazi Bridge opened pier emptied

Osmangazi Bridge opened the jetty was empty: Osmangazi Bridge opening and free during the holiday break with free ferries in Eskihisar'da remained. Prime Minister Yıldırım announced that the toll will be 89 liras.
Osmangazi Bridge is free until the last day of the feast of holidays with many people in Kocaeli and Yalova flocked to the bridge. Intense interest in the night caused a breakdown of transportation. The right strips of the bridge in Yalova and Kocaeli directions were filled with people who want to take pictures.
While everyone was making selfies, officers warned citizens not to stop on the road. The 3'er lane bridge also caused accidents from time to time due to standing in the right lane. The density at Osmangazi Bridge continued yesterday. Citizens noted that the bridge is very beautiful, terek Osmangazi Bridge was very beautiful. We were proud of crossing the bridge. Köprü
Savings to be provided
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim made a statement about the Osmangazi Bridge toll. Yildirim ol The fee will be 89 lira. It is not said that 130-140 lira is not. If you travel from the Gulf, if you go by ship and time and fuel loss considering the bridge in all respects more attractive. 20 minutes from Gebze to Gemlik, 45 minutes to Bursa at the end of 2018 and 2 hours to Izmir at 50 hours. Our new transportation policy is something of 3; less fuel, less time, less cash. This is the purpose of this bridge. A savings of around 800 trillion per year will be achieved by the introduction of this road. Bu
No more waiting
The opening of the Osmangazi Bridge in Eskihisar and the free passage of the ferries reduced the interest in ferries. Due to the free passage from the bridge during the holiday season, drivers preferred Osmangazi Bridge instead of Eskihisar. Those who did not know that the bridge was free to use the ferries. Some drivers have returned to use the Osmangazi Bridge after journalists say the bridge is free. 18 ferry between Eskihisar and Topçular continues to operate mutually.

At the entrance of the bridge and taking selfies, citizens were warned by the authorities. In some areas, there was a risk of accident.

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