Akçaray work preparation

The preparation of the feast in Akçaray works is OK: The streets and streets where tramway works were prepared
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's urban transportation will accelerate Akçaray Tram line work is in progress. In this context, preparations for the Ramazan Bayrami were completed on the streets and streets where Akçaray Tramway transactions were carried out. In order to relieve the transportation of the citizens, asphalt works continued during the weekend before the festival. With the arrangements made, it was made easier for the citizens to visit the Ramadan holidays during the tram route.
Metropolitan Municipality teams, citizens to make their visit during the holidays with ease and confidence that the tram works on the street finished all preparations. First of all, asphalt works were carried out before the festival in order to make the transportation safer on the tramway. Ways to make the vehicles move more comfortably during the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, where the infrastructure works were completed before, were corrected.
Asphalt works were carried out at the junction connecting the Akasyalar Street, Sarımimoza Street and Necip Fazıl Streets, one of the most used streets of Yahya Kaptan District. In this way, a continuous asphalt has been achieved. On Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, asphalt works were carried out on the road which will be used by rubber wheeled vehicles parallel to the previously constructed tram line. In this section about 250 meter road asphalted.
While the concrete road production at Hanlı Street and Salkım Söğüt Streets was completed, it was uninterrupted by combining with the asphalt road in Sarı Mimoza Street. Taking into account the intensity of the Ramadan holiday of the Izmit Intercity Terminal, Elzem Sokak located next to the bus station was made available to the vehicles before the holiday. Thus, the number of alternative routes has been increased.
On the other hand, security measures for vehicles and pedestrians were not neglected. All traffic signs and markers were placed where necessary to minimize the possibility of an accident.

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