Steel Sector to Increase Export to Central Europe by Rail

Steel Sector to Boost Exports to Central Europe by Rail: Turkey ranks 10th in the world among the largest steel exporters.
The sector, which exports to 200 countries with its dynamic structure, puts Turkish steel's signature on reference projects all over the world. Working to increase Turkish steel exports, the Steel Exporters Association explores potential markets while also revealing the opportunities in existing markets. As the analysis made revealed that steel exports to Central Europe were at very low levels, the "European 5", consisting of Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, took the focus. Aiming to solve the high cost logistics problem first and for this purpose, organizing the "Export to Europe Conference by Railway", ÇİB plans to hold trade delegations for these countries within the scope of URGE in the coming period.
In the export of the steel industry to the European Union countries; Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are in the last places. In 2015, according to data from Turkey's Steel Exporters' Association of the European Union from Poland to his 2,8 percent of export 1,6 million tons; Austria 0,9 percent; Hungary took 0,4 percent, Czech Republic and Slovakia 0,3 percent. The picture did not change in the January-April period of 2016, and the shares of these countries were listed as follows: Poland 1,5 percent; Austria and the Czech Republic 0,5 percent; Slovakia 0,3 percent and Hungary 0,2 percent. The steel industry, on the other hand, displays a successful performance in exports to other European countries such as the UK, Romania, Italy and Spain.
When the reasons for the low levels of steel exports to Europe 5 were investigated, it was understood that the problem was due to the high logistics costs that negatively affected exports. Thus, work was initiated to reveal alternative routes. The Steel Exporters Association first collaborated with Europe's largest freight transport company Rail Cargo, owned by the Austrian State Railways, in order to evaluate the advantages of rail export. Listening to the exporters at the “Export to Europe Conference by Railways” organized with the participation of export companies from the steel industry, ÇİB enabled companies to get to know the services offered by Rail Cargo more closely.
Chairman of the Association Board Steel Exporters Namık Ekinci, was put forward Austrian Commercial Attache Georg Karabaczek and Rail Cargo Logistics Turkey General Manager Murat Hürmen's speech beginning with the presentations made at the conference Central Europe's rail transport offers advantages and different routes. One of the most interesting outputs of the conference was the terminal warehouse realized by Rail Cargo in Vienna. It was emphasized that Austria is an important center in terms of reaching other countries. Warehouse, Rail Cargo Austria's expert stating that significant advantages, including the tax issue, they stressed blocks from Turkey by train costs of exporters selling from here targets the country the products will be sent to a warehouse in Vienna to be significantly lowered.
Experts from Turkey to Central Europe, mainly in the export of railway transport method may be preferred to be combined with the Rail Maritime, said that road and river transport. Alternative routes and cost estimates for transporting cargo from Istanbul, Izmir, West Black Sea, Hatay-Mersin and Gebze directly to European importers' warehouses and / or Rail Cargo's main warehouse in Vienna or to warehouses in various European cities with these alternative transportation methods. shared with the participants.
Namık Ekinci, Chairman of the Board of the Steel Exporters Association, stated that the share of Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in steel imports was very low despite the success of the Turkish steel industry in Europe and said: “Our steel industry has 0,4 percent on steel imports; 0,3 percent from Slovakia; It took a share of 0,2 percent from Austria and 0,1 percent from the Czech Republic. Russia and Ukraine in this region which is active in Turkey should take its share of absolutely deserved. We aim to facilitate our members' exports to this region, to increase their exports, to have a share in the products they cannot export, and to make their exports to these regions sustainable. Based on the negative impact of high logistics costs on our exports, we took the first step with the conference we held in cooperation with the Austrian state company Rail Cargo. We will continue these studies with our member companies. We will consider the issue of taking initiatives as the Union to closely monitor the advantages of the terminal warehouse in Vienna. In addition, we will develop different methods to overcome our disadvantages against rival countries. For example, we will produce solutions for our importers to obtain the products they need from the closest place to them. Thus, we will make our presence sustainable in these markets ”.
Namık Ekinci stated that they are focused on increasing their exports to Europe and said, Avrupa We aim to bring our exports to Europe to its potential. In order to support this goal, we are planning to organize trade delegations and procurement committee organizations in Central Europe region in 2016 year. Bu

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