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The JCC has made us the president: It has been revealed that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has awarded the tender for the tram storage area to a firm that does not comply with the legal regulations. When the Public Procurement Authority decided to award the tender to the second company, the Metropolitan did not take a step on this issue.

There are shocking developments in the tender that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has set up to set up a storage and maintenance area in Halkapınar for the train sets that will work on the tram line. The company, which won the tender with a bid of 92 million 772 thousand liras, proved that the tender was approved even though the work experience documents were not in compliance with the legal legislation. The Public Procurement Authority (PPA), which evaluated the objection of another company, decided to make a “corrective action” for the metropolitan regarding the tender. In other words, he decided to award the tender to the second firm that offered the best offer. However, the municipality has not taken a step in this direction yet.
It is stated that the construction works that need to be stopped continue. It was surprising that Aziz Kocaoğlu, who claimed that the KIK had blocked them at every opportunity, even approved that he would return the tender from KİK. On the other hand, the job of the firm that won the tender is B. İ. It was stated that he gave.

92.7 Million Offer

Metropolitan Municipality, Konak and KarşıyakaWithin the scope of the tram works under construction in Turkey, the tender for the storage and maintenance of train sets that will work on the lines went up to a tender of 124 million lira last year. KMB Metro İnşaat and Yapı STS İnşaat won a tender under the name of "Halkapınar Underground New Storage Facilities Project for İzmir Light Rail System Additional Vehicles", which offered 92 million 722 thousand 436 liras. The company, which won the tender, which 33 companies applied for qualification and only 11 companies entered the contract, signed a contract with Büyükşehir, while the subcontractor B. İ. and started construction works.

Another company, which entered the tender with a bid of 94 million 387 thousand 135 liras, objected to the decision on various grounds and carried the matter to the JCC. The JCC, which justified the justifications of the firm that appealed after the investigation, deemed the company that won the tender invalid. After the review of the KİK, it was revealed that President Aziz Kocaoğlu, who had been impeded to the KİK and the ruling party at every opportunity, stating that Izmir's business was blocked, gave a bid of 124 million TL to a company whose work experience documents did not comply with the legislation. While it was stated that the contractor firm that won the tender after KIK's decision, it should officially stop the construction activities, it was claimed that the subcontractor subcontractor B.I.

Always the same subcontractor firm

It was stated that Metropolitan should take the tender to the company with the second lowest bid in order to take the commission decision as soon as possible and continue the construction from where it left off. It is another striking fact that B İ., Which is a subcontractor in the field of storage and maintenance, is selected as the same subcontractor company for the 2 million 138 thousand liras Coastal Design Project presented as an ambitious project of the Metropolitan Municipality and resulting in a fiasco. it was detail.

16 will be established in a thousand square meters area

Halkapınar Underground New Storage Facilities Project of Izmir Light Rail System Additional Vehicles will be realized for train sets used in public transportation in the city. 16 will be built in a two-storey building on a thousand square meters of underground maintenance and storage facilities for the train sets will be made.

Some of B. İ.'s projects with Büyükşehir

  • Menemen Esatpaşa Neighborhood 1211 Street Road and Bridge construction,
  • Egekent Highway (EVKA-5) overpass,
  • Construction of Narbel road,
  • TOKI Uzundere roads (Uzundere Mass Housing Area) transportation path,
  • Toros-Çamkule connection road construction work,
  • Construction of Captain Ibrahim Hakkı Caddesi (2.kısım),
  • Şemikler construction of pedestrian underpass completion,
  • Anadolu Caddesi Altınyol (Ulukent Junction),
  • Develi highway overpass, Tepeköy pedestrian overpass bridge construction work,
  • Buca Yeşildere connection road,
  • İzmirnet BTM Center building construction,
  • Various multi-purpose hall construction (Bağyurdu multi-purpose hall),
  • Develi, Tekeli and Beet Stations construction works,
  • Bornova Recreation area,
  • Arrangement of Şeytan Deresi, Taşpınar and Malama streams in Bornova,
  • The construction of Menemen Asarlık River and Koyundere deposits,
  • İzmir Coastal Design project,
  • Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard Underpass Construction Work.


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