Trolley from Laleli

Tramway from Laleli to the world: Because the most acceptable marital status in Istanbul is solitude. Other cities are known as 'happy couples' or 'favorite singers' and 'lonely travelers' who glorify Istanbul
Istanbul is a great concept. Like geometry, like capitalism, freedom is a concept like Istanbul. You can't say good, bad, ugly; In essence, it is both a concept that is full of everything and everything that touches everyone.
Everyone's history of Istanbul starts in a similar way; Moving to Istanbul, earning a school in Istanbul, immigration to Istanbul… Now we sit here together, we count a lot of clichés; If you're big or I'm Istanbul, we say stone, we call it 'Kahpe Istanbul', we say alone in crowds. But what you need. If you want to complain, let me have another guest. But this week Neco'de some of the profanity can not finish, but I love Istanbul, which I love them, that is to worry about them (!)
A friend of mine, an engineer, went to work in Afghanistan years ago. There was something he insisted and confessed on every leave and every time he returned. He usually closes his eyes between his fourth and fifth beer, as if he was bestowing the secret of life: ın They keep saying "time machine"! Time machine was invented, you don't know. From here to a thousand airplanes, in Kabul, to a bin, go to the camp site where I work, take a time machine; 400 years ago! Actually, what they call a time machine is an airplane, nobody knows it! Aslında There are maybe no airplane distances or 400 annually within Istanbul, but there are a thousand kinds of life forms that can be joined by a bus to a dolmus. In the time of Cemal Süreyya, u We are on a tramway from Laleli to the world erken ız he meant exactly Laleli and the world exactly. Istanbul beauties are constantly intertwined while looking at a different point of view from thinking 'But Istanbul money is nice to you, you ask Istanbul in Sultançiftliği'e ask someone in Bagcilar İstanbul becomes. However, Istanbul; it is so unique because it is the city that sometimes knows what the Bosphorus and sea and the ephemera live in. In the den Open Air Taverns den news / interview published in the Bavul Magazine, one of the brothers and sisters is extending the microphone and saying rak We have a weakness to the things that are going on. For some, the sea is the sea, for us, this huge highway Kim. Now, which of us can claim that this brother took less of the raki's taste in Ortaköy than you drink in the tavern? It's free to get upset with Istanbul, but what about her? Feeling your love soaking up and confessing yourself?
Istanbul's cats greet you for example? When you enter the street they filter you, they are kind of de Although they are all their own dumps, they do not forget that you are the dirt of that dump. Then for those cats to get up early in the morning, with a sack on each back to eat under the leaves of each loneliness of Istanbul. Because the most acceptable marital status in Istanbul is solitude. While other cities are known with their happy couples or their favorite bachelor, it is the leri favorite lone çift who glorifies Istanbul. Drink tea, soup, drink, drink, drink alone, proves the age of Istanbul. And those auntie aunts / uncles have already adopted this acceptance. That's why they can't do it without cats.
Istanbul's dogs are a separate breed. All of us call it the heel of knowledge; dogs According to the myth, these miraculous creatures can feel the cloud of typhoon, the earthquake typhoon before anyone else. What the rumor has not yet taken into account is that, unlike the dogs, dogs of Istanbul perceive loneliness. Because when the house to see someone walking alone and exhausted Istanbul dogs, the film as the protective ghost chasing after him, leaving them to their homes and shame to leave them as a shame.
And contrary to another myth, the biggest problem of every big city is not the traffic but the inability to touch each other. But unlike other metropolises, there is a solution to the genius that Istanbulites have found to this problem, unfortunately, it is not possible to execute the solution on land. Whenever a sea intervenes, a ferry appears in the future, then all obstacles disappear for people who want to smile at each other. Yeah; I am talking about waving enthusiastically from land to ferry, from ferry to land, and from ferry to ferry exactly! An enchanted happiness that no other country or city has given to the passengers is generated, and you find yourself enthusiastically greeting people you have never known.
When we say that it was seagull, simid, voice of doves, our risk of connecting to the television channel of Istanbul Municipality increases, I am aware (!) Therefore, it is most logical to finish the article on time. But there are 2 more things I would like to express in the context of 'the disease that will die if he does not mention it'. The elders of the streets of Istanbul who cannot get enough of watching life. The ones that we started to see in almost every street since the spring months, who took down their chairs and sat in front of the door all day, came to life with the passers-by, and found a little consolation about what happened to them. Have peace of mind; They are also available in Bebek and Sultançifliği.
Finally, another unique of Istanbul, street children who are almost programmed to tell and listen to trouble… As long as we can see, tell and listen. They will tell with the self-confidence that they are the real owners of Istanbul, but with the resentment of being a little more lonely than every Istanbulite ... Istanbul, Laleli and the wait at the tram stop to the world ...


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