Level Crossing We did not close

Level Crossing We did not close: There are different reactions in the public due to the closure of the level crossing of TCDD on Mehmet Akif Street.
Our institution has not had any studies and attempts to close the level crossing. The TCDD requested the closure of the level crossing through the governorship of TCDD due to the fatal, wounded and material damage accidents experienced from time to time. In this regard, we were asked to give an opinion in the letter sent to our Institution and after the examinations made by our institution, the opinion was made that the level crossing was used in vehicle and pedestrian traffic and that it was not appropriate to close it.
Taking into consideration the request of TCDD, the governorship decided to close the level crossing and closed the level crossing.
We do not find it right to introduce the level crossing to the public as if it was closed by our institution.


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