Discount On Pre-Festival Fast Train Tickets

YHT Ticket Prices and YHT Ticket Booking
YHT Ticket Prices and YHT Ticket Booking

Day Pre-Sale There's MI Fast Train Tickets: Turkey is waiting with great excitement the Feast of Ramadan. With the increase of traffic on the roads, additional vehicles were added to train, airplane and bus services. THY and private bus companies will normally offer more than 30 percent of the expeditions. It is aimed to visit the relatives of everyone who wants to do so. The question of whether there is a discount on high-speed train tickets before the holidays also comes very often in recent days. Especially during the Ankara - Konya - Eskişehir and Konya flights, high-speed trains will be preferred very often and these trains will be changed in general without any discount.

With the Ramadan Feast, there will be very important advantages in high speed train services. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of the statement made by the cardholder Train passengers during Eid al-Fitr High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and reported 50 percent discount will be applied in mainline train.

TCDD General Directorate made a statement on the subject. In the statement made, on condition that it is traveled on 5-7 July, which covers Ramadan Feast, 50% discount will be applied to YHT and main line trains to the passengers holding the Train Card. However, in the statement made by TCDD, it was also said that the Ramadan Feast discount campaign will be valid for Tren Card holders who buy tickets of 15 lira and above. In addition, with the passengers who buy only one way tickets from the FULL tariff, 50 percent discount can be made on the travel fee. It was reported in the statement that the fees were transferred in this way. The announcement made by the Republic of Turkey State Railways "according to the ticket area, and quality over the Internet (young and old, such as teachers) different tariffs that are subject to discounts passengers 'full' when they select the tariffs that benefit from this campaign," expression was used.

You can travel comfortably during Ramadan. Turkey's once rapidly emerging trend of European and train routes can be presented in a way even more with the advantages of high-speed train. With the high speed train, Konya, Eskişehir, Ankara and İstanbul flights can take place in a shorter time.

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