Safi family will enlarge Derince Port

Safi family will enlarge Derince Port: Safi family, who migrated from Giresun to Istanbul in the 1960s and developed their business by working in many fields from restaurant, dry cleaning, excavation and coal trade, has also purchased Derince Port for $ 350 million. will grow 4 to 6 times with huge investment.
'Build-operate-transfer' tender in June 2014 kazanThe Safi family's story of expanding Derince Port begins with the Safi brothers who migrated to Istanbul from Giresun in the 1960s. The second generation representative of the family, M. Hakan Safi, said, “Our elders came to Kasımpaşa, Istanbul in the 1960s. They expanded their business by doing business in many fields from restaurant business to dry cleaning, from excavation to coal trade, to contracting. We are also at work as the second generation” and states that Safi's biggest job at the moment is port management. Hakan Safi, who is also the chairman of the board of directors of Safi Holding, which reached a turnover of approximately 2015 million dollars in 500 and employs 1.500 people, tells the entrepreneurship story of his family as follows:
Ilmış Our father Arif Safi (deceased), after doing some artisanship in the 1960'de Kemerburgaz with the work of his brothers were doing excavation business. In the 1990 years, when Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received his excavation works from the private sector, they turned to coal-mining as a new business. As the second generation children of Arif, Mümtaz, Celal and Cengiz Safi brothers, we joined the management in 2000 years. Me and my brother Atakan Sinan Safi and Mumtaz, Celal and Cengiz Safi are the children of five children. Currently, we operate in various fields from coal processing, sea transport, real estate to sugar processing and port. We import 20 million tons of coal a year in this country. We are a big supplier for both housing and industry. We're also owners. Our 3 ship is operating in the world's seas. X
Derince Port tender in June 2014 kazanReminding that they have already taken delivery and they took delivery one year later, Hakan Safi, Chairman of Safiport, continues as follows: “This port requires a new investment of 1 million dollars for expansion, new technology and capacity increase, and we started investing immediately. Our current port service area investment, which is currently 350 thousand square meters, will increase to 400 million square meters when completed. We will also be able to serve ships up to 1.2 meters in length. It is a very large port with a railway connection in its back area, and we will increase the capacity in this regard. We put very high technology handling machines on the rail line. This is both very high capacity and great speed in terms of service. kazanwill yell. There is currently 1 rail in the port, with our investment, this will become 8 rail lines and 8 machines. We started to invest, we placed our machine orders. This investment is already our commitment to the state.”
Stating that Safi Group will also grow in the construction industry, Hakan Safi said, “We gathered the managements of all our companies in our own building (Espadon Tower), which will build Derince Port. We have our own land in many places in Istanbul. Construction works will continue in places such as Kağıthane, Dolapdere, Etiler. We have a hotel complex project in Dolapdere-Taksim and an office complex in Kagithane. In Okmeydanı, we will decide on the project depending on the urban transformation process. We have 100 acres there, ”he said.
We have made RAFAEL from BARCELONA '
M. Hakan Safi says that they will complete all the investments in Derince Port within the year. “Derince Port is very similar to the Port of Barcelona with its suitability for every cargo (dry, liquid, bulk). So we agreed with Rafael Escutia, who designed the ports of Barcelona and Valencia. Derince, will become a very large logistics center, almost a 'Limankent' are set up. Because when the investments are completed, 2 will be a large complex where the person will work. Currently 2.500 people are working. We will also make a significant contribution to the decline in production and export costs of Turkish industry. The container volume will reach 400 million TEU and the bulk load capacity will be 2.5 million tons. Kont

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