In national project, national product will be used

📩 09/12/2018 18:10

National project will be used in the national project: Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Airports Director (CEO) Yusuf Akçayoğlu, airport construction and after the process of themselves, even if disadvantaged, even if they want to use local products and the intentions in this regard is serious, he said.

Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Top Manager of Airports (CEO) Yusuf Akçayoğlu said that they would use local products even if they were disadvantaged, and they were serious about their intentions.

Akçayoğlu informed the journalists about the latest situation of the airport construction before the event, where members of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) visited the construction of the New Airport. Akçayoğlu reminded that they had visited ISO and met with members before, and reminded that they wanted to use local products in the airport construction and afterwards.

Akçayoğlu said, “We strive for how the domestic industry can contribute not only in terms of employment but also in the field of developed industry. "We want to use local products even against us," he said.

Stating that the operation period of the New Airport will start on October 29, 2018, Akçayoğlu said that they aim to complete the first phase of the airport in the first quarter of the year and put it into service.

Akçayoğlu stated that there will be 90 runways in the north-south direction in Phase 1, with a capacity of 3 million passengers, and informed that there will be one runway in the east-west direction in Phase 80, which will start when the annual capacity of 2 million passengers is reached.

"We will reach 30 thousand employees"

Stating that the construction area of ​​the main terminal building in the first phase of the terminal is 1 million 300 thousand square meters, Akçayoğlu stated that the daily soil movement corresponds to 1 million 400 thousand cubic meters. Stating that 1 million cubic meters of structural concrete will be used in the terminal building, Akçayoğlu stated that there is a closed construction area of ​​1 million square meters in Phase 3,5, 350 elevators will be used and 6 thousand kilometers of electrical wiring will be made. Stating that there are currently 2 thousand 962 construction machines in the field and 2 thousand 200 of them are cargo trucks, Akçayoğlu said, “The number of our personnel is 15 thousand 153. About thousand 506 are white-collar engineers, architects and administrators. We will reach 30 thousand in peak period. " gave his information. Akçayoğlu stated that they had built a 700 thousand square meter parking lot for the first stage and that the parking lot, which will have a capacity of 18 thousand vehicles, could be increased to 25 thousand.

"To Mecidiyeköy in 25 minutes"

Akçayoğlu stated that the transportation of the new airport is very important and stated that they expect the tender of Gayrettepe-Third Airport Metro Line to be made in a short time.
There will also be a high-speed train to the airport, Halkalı Stating that another metro line will be built to go in the direction of Akçayoğlu, “But what we most want is that the Gayrettepe Metro Line is finished as soon as possible. This place is very important to us. You can be in Mecidiyeköy in 25 minutes from the airport. " said. Akçayoğlu mentioned that the Northern Marmara Highway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will facilitate access to the airport. Referring to the social facilities to be built at the airport, Akçayoğlu informed that a hotel with 370 rooms will be built. Akçayoğlu emphasized that the airport, which will take 1500 landings and take offs per day, can serve 200 million passengers in total, and has 350 flight destinations around the world, will provide employment for 100 thousands of people.

"We will use domestic industrial products even though it is disadvantageous"

Informing that they will use completely local products in interior architecture, Akçayoğlu continued his words as follows: “We have a serious intention in this regard. We take rock samples from different parts of Turkey for this. This type of material is not a common mineral found in Turkey. We will combine small quantities in certain places and use them in domestic industry. 500 thousand square meters of stone will be laid on the ground. All fine work items such as wooden products, benches, steel fabrications, roof steel, glass will be from the domestic industry. E.g; We even decided that domestic granite would force us. There are also more advantageous countries in terms of price. However, we see the New Airport as a national project. We intend to make a maximum contribution to our national industry and national workforce. "

"Such rapid progress of construction is not seen in any other country"

Akçayoğlu stated that 7 billion Euros has been spent for the airport construction so far, and that this has changed day by day. Stating that they have come a long way in terms of speed in airport construction, Akçayoğlu said, “Believe that the important thing here is to lay the foundations of a job that the world said would not be and bring it here in one year. This is a great pride. Not in other countries. I have been abroad for years. Such a fast manufacturing is not possible. " he spoke. Akçayoğlu informed that the airport will be a place of worship for all religions upon a question.
After the press conference, members of the ISO members and press members of the airport terminal building were visited.

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