Landscape Waiting for Sapanca

Landscape Waiting Sapanca: Sapanca MHP Member of the Municipal Assembly Eyup Ozen, because of the high-speed rail in Sapanca 5 pieces will be made in this district will cause bad appearance, he said.

Özen, who gave the example of the vehicle overpass in the Kırkpınar neighborhood, said “We are not against the High Speed ​​Train but the planning was done very wrong. Already the TEM Motorway and the existing railway are divided into parts. Now a separate line will be installed within the High Speed ​​Train. This line will cut Fevzi Çakmak, Sakarya and Harmanlık Streets. Here, vehicle overpasses will be built to provide vehicle transportation. These aren't small things. One example was made in Kırkpınar. A very bad appearance appeared. Now there will be another 5 in the center. These passages will cause a bad image in the settlement areas and close the image of many land and house. Closed residential areas will be formed. The best choice for Sapanca is to continue the new line next to the existing line. Sapanca should not be divided by a new piece. ”


Özen also made a statement in a criticism he directed about public buses in Sapanca at the May meeting of the Assembly.

Olarak As a member of the Assembly, it is our biggest duty to express the problems of our citizens. In this context, at the meeting held in May, I expressed a problem brought to us by a disabled brother. It turned out, however, that when doing so, there was an error during the transfer of the matter to me or during my explanation. At that meeting, I actually expressed the waiting time of 3-5 buses as 3-5 hours. After my interview with the cooperative officials, I realized that there was a misunderstanding. I apologize to all of our busman tradesmen in Sapanca Cooperative on this subject. ”

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