High speed train contacts in Ankara

Fast train contacts were made in Ankara: Duzce Municipality is continuing its studies and technical researches in order to pass the high speed train from Duzce. Duzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, 17 August and 12 November 1999 earthquakes in Duzce, known for his work after the Japanese Professor. Dr. He met with Shigeru Kakumoto at the General Directorate of State Railways. President Mehmet Keles also evaluated the issue in the Japan Development Agency JICA Ankara Office.

Duzce Municipality, Ministry of Transport General Directorate of State Railways to pass the high-speed train from Düzce with Japanese experts, technical work was performed. Mayor Mehmet Keles also met with Burak Ağlaç, Head of Department responsible for the Projects of the General Directorate of State Railways for the high-speed train.



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