Head of Turkish Transportation-You Coming to Samsun Reproached Railway Employees

President of Turkish Transportation-You who came to Samsun Reproached Railway Employees: Turkish Transportation-You General President Şerafeddin Deniz, who came to the city to make a press statement, because Samsun Railway employees were sent to other provinces, complained to the railway workers for not supporting them.

In the context of maintenance work on the Samsun-Sivas railway, the Turkish Transport-Sen General Chairman Şerafeddin Deniz made a press statement in front of Samsun Station on the grounds that the railroad workers would be sent to other provinces. He said that railroad workers should not show any interest in the press release.

Şerafeddin Deniz said, "If you have the right and do not want it, if you do not start a fight or a fight for it, then you will not have the right to wait for someone to give you your right," he said.


Deniz said, “A work will begin on the Samsun-Sivas line railway. Therefore, as a result of this study, there will be no rail transport on this line for 32 months. From this point, the State Railways Directorate-General, this line serving 600 people all workers and officers of our friends that generally puts a will to send to other places in Turkey, the decisions taken and that our staff about it that gets under pressure, serious as we all know. There are many of our lines that have been closed due to such works in the past and today. Our railway workers around here were not told 'Come on, take your home, you are going to another city'. These were sent by proxy. Until the lines were put into operation, these friends did their duty here. Therefore, they did not have to move their houses to other places. "We plan to discuss this issue with the general manager in Ankara, if available this evening."

Stating that at least 300 people work in the Samsun center, Deniz said, “We have announced that we will make such a press statement with our friends since yesterday. This is our number, maybe 5 percent. So we have to ask if 95 percent are satisfied with their own state. They would be here if they weren't satisfied. Let's say you will go to Tatvan from here, let's say you will go to Keşan so that we will be 50 people in a half hour station, let's be 350 people, build a crowd, let's make our voices heard from here in Ankara, while our friends who do not do this are right. As a result, they will not be asking for too much, friends. Here, in other countries of the world, rights are not given, rights are taken, guys. Gotta get, gotta be able to. To get it, you have to put forth a will. If you have the right and do not want it, if you do not have a struggle or a fight for it, then you have no right to wait for someone to give you your rights, dear friends. Our railroad brothers should know that. As long as we continue to sleep in our house, as long as we say yes to everything in order to benefit someone, if it is done in Samsun today, it will be done in Malatya tomorrow, and the next day in Adana. "If we cannot get up from our house today and come here, then we will accept what will happen to us," he said.

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