Adana-Mersin High Speed ​​Train Project completed in March 2017

Adana-Mersin High Speed ​​Train Project was completed in March 2017: At the Adana Governorship Provincial Coordination Board meeting, 7 projects worth 580 billion 481 million TL were explained, and it was reported that the Adana-Mersin High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in March 2017.

Adana Provincial Coordination Board The second meeting of 2016 was held in the governorship meeting hall under the presidency of Mustafa Büyük. In the meeting, representatives of Adana district mayors, district governors, representatives of public institutions and organizations and representatives of non-governmental organizations participated in the 7 project for 580 billion 481 million TL.

Governor Mustafa Büyük, who made the opening speech of the meeting, said: açılış We have the opportunity to evaluate the services of our investor organizations, the progress in the investment programs and the progress achieved in our provincial coordination board meetings. These evaluations are very important in terms of follow-up of services, elimination of deficiencies and completion of projects. In addition to the studies on the follow-up of public investments and the implementation of the programs, we also have the opportunity to develop inter-agency cooperation and to make evaluations about the issues to be discussed. Kamu

7 Billion 580 million 663 thousand TL 481 project in Adana

Following the speech of Governor Büyük, the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting held a briefing about the projects and works carried out by public institutions and organizations. 2016 481 7 project in the 580 project in the 663 project is expressed in the general services, training and transportation sectors of the total cost of these projects XNUMX billion XNUMX million XNUMX thousand TL said.

In the presentations, the number of projects carried out by public institutions and organizations is 256, the number of projects carried out by local administrations is 208, while the number of projects carried out by universities is 17. The meeting continued with the analysis of the progress achieved in the projects carried out by the investor institutions and organizations and presentations on the targets.

30 to reach Adana-Mersin high speed train

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Director of TCDD Oğuz Saygılı gave the good news that Adana Mersin High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in March 2017. Saygılı, who stated that the works started last year after the infrastructure work of the project, said that the 32 pieces located between Adana and Mersin are in the Adana boundaries and all of these will be arranged as lower or overpass. With the completion of the respectable, high-speed train line, Adana said that between Mersin and 10 will be less than the minute.

At the Adana Provincial Coordination Board meeting, the mayors of the district mentioned the electricity, road and water problems. The mayors, who complained that TEDAŞ was behaving hard at the point of service, expressed difficulties in the light of new streets and new subscription issues.

The officials of the public institutions and organizations and the mayors talked about the projects in education, health, social and economic fields.

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