43 Million Euros from EU to Logistics Village

43 Million Euros from EU to Logistics Village: Mevlüt Özen, Secretary General of the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), stated that a budget of 43 million Euros was allocated from the EU for the "Logistics Village" project, one of the projects originating from the European Union (EU), and He said it should be completed.

The Secretary General of OKA, Özen, made statements about the EU-funded projects.

Logistics Secretary General Özen gave information about the start of the Village Works. Alar As a result of the studies which started with the Logistics Master Plan of TR2010 Region (Amasya, Çorum, Samsun, Tokat) prepared within the scope of 83 year Direct Activity Support Program in the logistics sector of the Agency, Samsun Logistics Center Project, which includes the construction of a new logistics center that assembles or connects together, the infrastructure of this center as well as storage areas, bonded areas, car parks, offices, and the organization of necessary training programs for the training of the manpower needed by the sector. Regional Competitiveness Operational Program 4 conducted by the Ministry of Technology. Project Package applications will be supported. 'Samsun Logistics Center Project ın was prepared in 2011 in order to use the new budget opportunities provided for the RCOP in the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program (RCOP) in which the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is the esi Program Authority).

Emphasizing that the EU provides a budget of 43 million euros to the project, Mevlüt Özen was entitled to enter the açıklan 26 project açıklan Prioritized Projects List after the final evaluation of 2012 April 11. 25 has shown great success with a million euro budget. The development of the industrial infrastructure in the priority of the development of the business environment, which we prepared within the scope of the measure, has reached around 43 million euros in the negotiation process. Samsun Logistics Village Project 27 has received administrative compliance with the European Commission on August 2013. The area where the logistic village will be established has been purchased by the institutions forming the board of directors. June 26 2014 the European Union Delegation to Turkey Logistics Village stakeholder meetings with the participation of relevant stakeholders in the Samsun Governor's Office hosted with the participation of representatives from the European Commission was held. Location of the project has been delivered and all tenders are expected to be completed in 2016 Pro.



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