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5-7 September 2013 In our country, 11 in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the General Directorate of TCDD Operations. Transportation is made here. As a result of the research, the invitation of senior managers, professors, faculty members and 176 experts in the transportation area, as well as the participation of many non-governmental authorities 11. It is stated that the transportation is successful.

  1. In the meeting held after the Transportation Council; a working group was organized on the speeches, opinions and ideas. The working group consisted of: 'Public institutions and organizations, universities, professional chambers, NGOs and railway experts. This delegation prepared a report consisting of 242 pages and its annexes. This report has produced a source of information to shed light on the authorities and future generations for transport and railway development. I would like to express my respect to all officials and organizations who have contributed.
  2. When the report prepared in the Transportation Council is examined and read; In order to bring our railways to the level of EU union and to save them from harm, experts have brought up a very good subject in the report. On the 21-22 page of the report, experts say: 'The radius of 1000 meters at the narrow radius of the 1500 meters at the bottom of the 16 meter will be the minimum radius of 20 meters and the maximum radius of the 200 meters will be available so as to overcome the difficulties in operating both supply and demand from many segments of the existing railway network. work should be continued to reduce the slopes below 500 per thousand. ' denilmekte. Report 6100. The following table shows: '1576-501 has a radius of 1000 croup and a corresponding length of the 2986 km, 1040- 1001 has a croup of 1500 units and a corresponding length of the 466 km and 187-XNUMX has a radius and The corresponding railway length is XNUMX km. ' It is called.

200 – 1500 meters within radius rail; (6100 + 2986 + 466) = There are croup of 9552 pieces to be improved. Again within the 200 – 1500 meter radius rail (1576 + 1040 + 187) = 2803 km has the desired railway length of reclamation.

  1. Among the decisions taken in transportation, the most important issue is read 282 - 20. is the topics written on the page. Once again, I would like to express my respect to the experts who wrote this issue and report on the issue of cancer wounds on the railways. In order for our railroad to catch up with the age and get rid of the damage, it is necessary to eliminate the problems on the old railway and to accelerate the transit cargo transportation. In this age, 21 or 200 cannot make railroads on narrow croupies. Because you can not speed.

The status of our current railways: In recent years, high-speed railways between Ankara - Eskişehir, Ankara - Konya have been built and put into service and railway construction is continuing in other places. However, the 4 pedestrian railway continues to carry cargo and passengers on the old railway lines as two legs are disabled. The lame part of the two legs of the railway is as follows: When we look at the 1998 year statistics booklet of the railway, there are 200 croup at 500 - 6124 meters radius. At the same time, when we look at the 2012 year statistics booklet, we see that there are 200 narrow croup in the 500 - 6100 meter radius. If we consider 1998 year between 2012 and 14 as the year of project, research and preparation of 6, 8 narrow croup was made during the last 24 year. When we divide the 24 narrow croup by 8, it is seen that the average 3 narrow croup is made every year. If we want to make 11 units from the narrow group of 6100 units planned for transportation in:
6100: 3 = 2033 ends annually, if we make 30 croup every year
6100: 30 = 203 ends annually, if we make 50 croup every year
6100: 50 = 122 will end all of the narrow croupes per year.

  1. In the report prepared by experts in transportation, the experts went further and suggested reclamation of narrow croupes within the 200 - 1500 meter radius.

200 – There are also 1500 croup for the 9552 meter narrow croup rail. If we recalculate the above assessment: If we make 3 croup each year:
9552: 3 = 3184 ends annually.
9552: 30 = 318 ends annually.
9552: 60 = 159 will end all of the narrow croupes per year.

  1. Is it enough for all the railroaders currently working to have the narrow croupes that are required to be reached during the transportation to reach and end above the 1500 meter radius? All my wishes and wishes are to see that they are finished. Government's railroad construction target: If 2023 and 2035 do these jobs during the year the Government will go to the history pages because of great success.

As of 2012, there are 11.120 km conventional railways on our railways. It is located at the 8770 km of railway. The main line is the secondary line. In addition, our 888 km high speed railway has been built and put into service. Both the Ministry of Transport and the railway authorities have stated that they have done infrastructure innovation and exposure work on the existing railroad over the last 10 km over 7600 km. Although there are so many croupies on the old railway here, I can't find any sense to pose and innovate on the same railway route without correcting the existing croup. Because these 200 croupies will be repaired in a short time. However, if a genuine complete exposure work is carried out on a railway, its lifetime is at least 20 years. 200 21 is a railroad with a narrow croup of a radius of meters, posing and innovating on the same path. century was thrown money on the street, I want to express my opinion. It is impossible to achieve success in railways after these narrow crouped railways have been rehabilitated and eliminated. Today, the average speed on our railways and freight trains is around 35 and 40 km. On highways, trucks and lorries speed 90 km per hour with 100. The current length of 8770 km is the length of the railway that is required to be reformed and rehabilitated in the main line railways 2803 km.
415 km from Irmak to Zonguldak. pose and innovation of the old railway continues. The construction process continues on the 121 km railway between Karabük and Zonguldak. The tender price is approximately 230 million euros. Approximately € 190 million of this money was provided as EU (European Union) grants. After the end of Karabük - Zonguldak, Irmak - Karabük is said to start between. As a citizen, it is in the interest of the country and the railway to determine and start the production if there are any narrow croupies to be made in the region before starting work between the authorities Irmak - Karabük. As a citizen, I would like to state that I am strongly against investing in this age unless it is obliged to narrow croupies.

Turkey No. 6461 law on the liberalization of rail transport was adopted on 24.04.2013 Parliament has also enacted. TCDD General Directorate and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. as the two. One of the most important items among the tasks assigned to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways is the railway sub-construction duty. As a result of the research and investigation made, it is stated that our government has allocated 2014 billion 5 million pounds from the budget of 802 for the investments of Railways and will invest. This is the allocated money 11. In accordance with the report prepared in the transportation area, the improvement of the narrow groups on the old railway route as a priority will be the biggest investment to be made to the Railways and the biggest source of useful work and success.

As a citizen, why such a letter was needed. Under the presidency of Turhan Çakar, the President of the Consumer Association, we have started to work on this subject quickly because there is public transport and railway construction in a cheap, safe, secure, comfortable, fast transportation branch for our country's people and consumers. We have held meetings and panels many times by inviting democratic mass organizations and transport experts. At the time when a full success would be achieved in this regard, our work entered a pause in a moment when I did not know why.

But if we had a small benefit for our country in this regard, we would be happy to do so. In our country, the 11 transportation jeep has been organized for a high level and to a large extent. If the decisions taken in these transportation councils were taken into consideration when the booklets, reports and the ideas suggested by the experts were read and applied, our Railways and Public Transportation systems will now have a structure on the 5 or 10 floors of today. which was abandoned to dust on the shelves. Newly made 10. The decisions taken and reports prepared at the Transportation Council, I wrote this article in order to avoid bad fate like the other 11. The requirement is submitted to the authorities.


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