İzmir Metro and İZBAN Still Not Suitable for Disabled

Izmir Metro and İZBAN are still not suitable for people with disabilities: Izmir, road, pavement and transportation vehicles are full of obstacles saying that the White Moon Visually Impaired Association Izmir Branch President Salih Arikan, the municipalities want to contribute to the lives of the disabled by measures to be taken
While the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was preparing to hold the Engelsizmir Congress between November 2-5, the landscapes in the city caused the disability to react. The lack of yellow lines on many sidewalks that turned into traps due to occupations, the absence of audio warning systems in traffic lights, and the deficiencies in the regulations for the disabled in Metro and Izban drew attention.
White Moon Visually Impaired Association Izmir Branch President Salih Arikan, congress to be taken in the decisions of the people and disabled people wanted to contribute to the life.
Applied showed
Arıkan, showing the obstacles on the sidewalk practically, said, “There are still many pavements without yellow lines. Apart from the yellow line, we cannot walk because of the tables and chairs thrown on the sidewalks. There is no audible warning at the traffic lights. We still encounter many problems in Metro and Izban. Which part of this is Izmir without Barriers? " said.
Arıkan, who wants the problems of the disabled to be eliminated, said: “When I leave my house, if all the sidewalks are occupied, cars, benches, trees and all non-human assets are on the pavement, then I would say Disabled İzmir, not İzmir without Barriers. The sad thing is we complain about these sidewalks. The police take pictures of the empty sidewalks and send articles saying nothing happens. So we can't see it, we think we don't know anything ”.
Do not pretend to be
Saying that there is no audio warning system in public transportation vehicles, Arıkan said, “I express the problems of all disabled people. Metro and Izban are still not suitable for disabled people. Minibuses and taxis cannot be used with wheelchairs. Let there be the Engelsizmir Congress, but the obstacles in front of the disabled should be removed. "I don't want it to be made pretend" he said.


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