Karşıyaka The Ultimate in Rail Laying on the Tram

karsiyaka tram
karsiyaka tram

Karşıyaka The last point on the rail laying on the tram:Karşıyaka İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which completed 45 percent of the rail laying works on the tram, started up in front of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Air Training Command two months ago.

Prepared to breathe in urban traffic and support transportation with environmental investments Karşıyaka- İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great progress in the construction of Konak tram project, Karşıyakais about to reach half of the rail laying work.

In the middle of last November, the construction work was started by Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Air Training Command and the Konak Tramway was reached to Göztepe Bridge by leaving the 700 meter behind. In the coming days it is reported that the sea floor will start laying of the rail.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working fast for the Konak Tram line, which will move on the grass and ground with a “green section”, on the road and sea side of the boulevard, and continues the construction of the wagons, workshops and support buildings.

Karşıyaka “Year-end için goal for tram

on the other hand Karşıyaka railway laying works are continuing rapidly. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which covers almost half of the rails, is one of the tram lines planned to be put into service at the end of 2017. Karşıyaka continues its construction works in two branches in order to open its service line at the end of 2016.

When these important transportation investments of İzmir are realized, Konak Tramway is located between F.Altay Square and Konak- Halkapınar with 12.7 kilometers and 19 stops. Karşıyaka the tram Karşıyaka 8.83 is one kilometer long between Iskele and Mavisehir and 14 will serve with stops. Mansion and Karşıyaka The total cost of the 38 vehicle that will work on these lines and tram lines is 390 million TL. Two tram lines will run at 3 minutes each at peak times and 4-5 minutes at other times.

To make sure the trees are not damaged.

On the other hand, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Konak Tram during the work to maintain the flow of traffic, in the middle median ılı temporary arı due to the çalış temporary Tram arrangement began to transfer the tree and tree. Trees in the middle center are being transported to İnciraltı City Forest in order not to be damaged. Afterwards, it is planned to transfer the transported palms to the roads in the metropolitan districts.

After finishing the laying of the floor, Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard's central sanctuary will have a new look with the same size palm trees that are reinforced with green texture. The Metropolitan Municipality will have a Büyük green road As just like in Ankara Asphalt. Green texture and palm trees' floors will be re-prepared in the least affected by sea water; their numbers and qualities will be improved and made much more aesthetic and orderly.

With the completion of the whole project, the Coast Boulevard 3 will continue to serve as a strip of traffic going-3 lanes. 4 with green section. Along with the tram, the signaling infrastructure will be renewed within the scope of the Smart Traffic System and a safe and sustainable access will be provided.

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