Edirne's 100-year tram dream

Edirne's dream of a 100-year-old tram: It is expected to construct a high-speed train, and a rail system is recommended from time to time in the city of Edirne. It turned out that it could not be implemented. Speaking about the subject that emerged with the letter in the Ottoman archive, Edirneli History Researcher Cengiz Bulut stated that when the line could not be built, an additional train line was drawn between the Protocol House and Karaağaç.
It was understood by the letter in the Ottoman archives of Educator Murat Özden Uluç that the tram lines, which were one or two in the Ottoman period, were also intended to be built in Edirne. The letter, which was transferred from Ottoman Turkish to Turkish, tells that the Deputy Governor of the time, Arif Pasha, wanted to build a tram line between Zindanaltı and Karaağaç Train Station, since the train station in Karaağaç is far from the city center.
In the letter signed by Zeki Özkan to Turkish on November 28, 1899, the letter of Vehbi Bey, the Minister of Trade and Nafia, the following lines are included;
“Ma'ruz-ı çâker-i keminas are; The Edirne Deputy Governor and the Second Army-Humayer Client, who came to the station with the bed of the neighborhood called Zindanaltı in Edirne, and the Assembly and the vice-ruler of Arif Pasha Along with the contract and the specification blessings in the bazaar, which was issued from Nafia, it was presented with a hundred and sixty numbered consent dated September 25, 1315. In Mezkür tram, it is possible to use the power permit or the order of the power and the power of verse and the power of the kuvve-i cüz'iyye-i minhanikiye in the lane circle, which is used for the operation of the Thessaloniki and Izmir trams with electricity. Although it has been given leffen to be combined with tahrirât evrak-ı mezkure, which is a successor, it is the order of Ferman Hazret-i Veliyyül. ”
Cengiz Bulut, Edirneli History Researcher, who stated that the project in question could not be realized after the trolley line request and conveyed the historical process; “The person who wanted to make the first tram attempt in Edirne and who applied to Bab-ı Ali, the sultan first, is mentioned as the Deputy Governor of the Republic of Turkey, Arif Pasha. This is the article he wrote to make the tram to the Sultan. He acts as the Deputy Governor in Edirne for a long time, and many people bring innovation to our Edirne. For example, he makes this initiative on his behalf. So he wants to be allocated to him by the Sultan. He says I will do this job. That's very important in that respect. If this had happened, it would have been a good thing for our Edirne. Because in Turkey at that time there was in this place 1 or 2 tram line. Unfortunately, it could not have been realized if it were in Edirne, it would be very nice for that time. ”
Noting that there are several reasons for the project not being realized, Bulut; “Unfortunately, this line did not happen for reasons such as the uprisings in the Balkans at that time. But later on, when this line did not exist, a solution was found. They pulled a train line from the protocol house of the current municipality to the Karaağaç Train station. From there, the line continued to Bosnaköy side. The reason for this line between the protocol house and Karaağaç was; Edirne became a trade center at that time. Valuable goods and their money also came from that period. And there were many robberies on this route. This line was made to prevent this, ”he said.

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