First Skoda Tram Set Arrives in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to strengthen bus and tram fleets used in urban transportation in order to provide a better service to citizens. Within the framework of the tender made by the Metropolitan Municipality which closely follows the latest technology in the vehicles offered to service, the first of the new trolley set of 14, which is bought by the world famous Skoda Company, reached Eskişehir.

14, which will join the ESTRAM fleet, reached the first set of the new Skoda brand tram in Eskişehir. 30 meters long, 273 passenger trolleys have internal and external camera system, state-of-the-art air conditioning system, information monitors and route screens.

The installation, acceptance and training period of the new trams will be

ESTRAM officials stated that the remaining 13 set will be brought to Eskişehir with the special trucks, and after the complete assembly of the sets, various tests and acceptance procedures will be started after the assemblies to be made in ESTRAM workshops. With the completion of the operations, driver trainings will be given to the citizens and the new trams will be started to serve with the determination of which lines the trams will work on.

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