Çerkezköy Report Stopping the Stopping of Train Flights

Çerkezköy Stopped the Report on Ending Train Flights: AK Party Çerkezköy District President Abdullah Oca said that the report on the termination of the trains was stopped as of February 15 as a result of the evaluations made in TCDD.
Tekirdag Çerkezköy district, the AK Party District President Abdullah Item, accompanying delegation Çerkezköy Visited Mayor Vahap Akay in his office. Akay and Item in the Visit, ÇerkezköyHe talked about the central government investments that need to be made to.
Item that is ready to give any support, is stopped Çerkezköy-Uzunköpr of-Kapıkule referring to trains, "Turkey in the passenger train occupancy rates due to losses due to the low TCA audits in this train of time to the result of the recent issuance of report that TCDD, the assessments were discontinued from February 15. As known HalkalıContainer freight trains continue to operate. But Çerkezköy-Halkalı Electrification and signaling works are ongoing. In addition, work is underway to complete the missing parts of level crossings. Due to the inability to complete these works, the maneuver cannot be carried out. HalkalıCannot login to. Most of these works are aimed to be completed in June. On the other hand, for the construction of 9 platforms for passenger landing at intermediate stops, Edirne-Çerkezköy the remaining parts are still under construction, Çerkezköy-Halkalı The construction of the platforms in between will be started. After the completion of the construction of all the platform works within the scope of the tender work, it is thought that the number of passengers will increase if the trains to be put on the voyage stop at more stops. In this case, the trains are planned to restart in May or June, depending on the halt. "The reason for stopping the passenger trains is the decision of the Court of Accounts."
AK Party, who also returned to the story of the snake and who spoke about the Palace-Clamp, which could not be completed for 7 years. Çerkezköy District President Abdullah Oca said, “This road concerns us as much as Saray and Kapaklı. The tender for this road was held again. "The new study will start with the improvement of the seasons." Element, Çerkezköy He stated that the opening of the State Hospital is planned in April or May.
Mayor Vahap Akay thanked the AK Party delegation for the visit and said, “It is not a policy to serve the citizens. We must solve the problems and needs of the district in cooperation. Both the central administration and local governments, everyone should fulfill their responsibilities ”.

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