Overpass on level crossing in Bandirma

Overpass on level crossing at Bandırma On the agenda of the Chairman: Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Edip Uğur visited Mayor of Bandırma Dursun Mirza at his office.
President Ugur was met by the Mayor of Bandırma Dursun Mirza and CHP Bandırma Council Member and Metropolitan Council Member Şerafettin Engüdar. During his visit to Bandırma Municipality, President Uğur evaluated the projects and the latest developments with the Mayor Dursun Mirza in Bandırma. The project will be completed by 15 in March for the construction of two junctions in Metropolitan Municipality of Bandırma in front of Main Jet Base and Liman Shopping Mall. as soon as the construction phase will be passed.
The TCDD, which has been occupying the agenda for a while in Bandırma, was also on the agenda of the two presidents, which planned to make a crossing on Ordu Avenue. Mayor of Bandirma Dursun Mirza said that he thought it was not appropriate to make the overpass and overpass on the street. These need to be displaced. But it requires a high cost. If the overpass is thought to be done, then it will be an elevation of almost the third floor of the buildings there. M CHP Bandırma Council Member Şerafettin Engüdar shared his thoughts on the subject and said that the overpass on the street would not be suitable. Balıkesir Municipality Head of the TCDD 1,4 that you want to cancel all grade crossings throughout Turkey until July and is also found in the budget for it, it will be held here until July projects TCDD would undertake, and after July project have expressed that it would undertake the responsible local authorities . President Edip Ugur will have a meeting with TCDD officials tomorrow and stated that he would learn the details of the issue from TCDD officials at the meeting.
also the new port and industrial zone planned for Banda opinions Chairman Ugur and President Mirza, of harbor and industry will be held in Bandirma on the effects on the environment to be an example in Turkey and they have agreed to work on a system to EU norms. President Uğur, m We should not hurry about it. I think to improve the project by constantly following up and sharing the developments, convincing the public on this issue. We want to get the industrial port of Bandirma example to Turkey. Turkey as well as in Rotterdam clean, could be an environmentally friendly port and industrial zone, we must be operated "he said.

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  1. Dear Presidents; For the railway that will serve the port, why not think of a new railroad that will be taken to the sea shore between the sulfuric acid factory and lodgings by passing from the west of the air base to the west of the Çanakkale road with a fork to be made to the west, passing through the west of the marmara houses and under the hard workers. Thus, you can use the line passing through the city as a Suburban line between Bandırma and Balıkesir, but there is no need for an overpass or underpass. More important than this is the need for a functioning central airport in Balıkesir that is easily accessible. You can achieve this with a suburban station integrated into the airport passenger terminal from Kütahya road. If you set up a suburban system that includes the Airport between Savaştepe and Bandırma. You will give the country BALBAN after İZBAN. You go down in history too.