Mysterious bedroom in Berlin subway tunnel

Mysterious bedroom in the Berlin subway tunnel: Nobody knows how the bedroom got there or what it meant.
Employees of BVG, the public transport company serving in Berlin, encountered a strange surprise last week: they discovered a furnished bedroom in an unused section of the U-Bahn * tunnel. Although the room was well tidy and well maintained, the BVG staff claimed there was no one there.
These photos, sent by an anonymous person to the Berliner Zeitung news website, can be part of an art project, political expression, or joke. This room on the 9 line of the Berlin metro features an Ikea bed, a watered potted plant, a comfortable armchair, wallpaper, an artistic painting and even a television. According to Antje Kara, Berliner Zeitung, this room reflects the communist East Germany environment of the same period, rather than the 1980s, where the Westerners live and the neon colors dominate.
In addition to complaints about the negligence of the Metro security guards, the rumors focus on who is making this joke and how. Although it is a mystery who did it is very easy to do how. Ikea furniture, taken in pieces, is a very normal situation in Berlin to move home by public transport. Looking at the photographs, the bedroom is located in another part of the underground system, away from the original subway tunnels. This means that no one jumps from the platform with the heavy CRT television set and disappears in the tunnels.

Compared to other hidden underground installations, this bedroom in Berlin remains zero on the left. In the summer of 2004, when they were studying in Paris, the police discovered a secret movie theater in the underground cemeteries. This underground complex of 914,4 square meters was equipped with array of lights and leak electrically.
Still, this underground bedroom in Berlin is still quaint and scary if you're not a homeless trying to survive in the Northern European winter. It seems quite attractive if you are.

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