Publication of the People's Day in Bursa Uludağ Teleferikte

Uludag Cable Car
Uludag Cable Car

Annunciation of People's Day in Bursa Uludağ Cable Car: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe 'people's day' application begins in the cable car, which is one of the longest non-stop lines in the world, with the connection of Teferrüç and the Hotels Region. With the application, the round trip price for the Hotels Region, which is 35 TL, will be 20 TL on Fridays.

Although it is one of the most important symbols of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality entered the circuit to be used widely by the Bursalılar which is preferred by foreign tourists. High price due to the application of citizens who complained not to ride the ropeways, the good news of the Mayor Recep Altepe came. Altepe President, now 'people's day' application will be made on Fridays and the public price of 35 TL in the price of the 20 TL said that the price will be reduced.

Altough the number of passengers increased by the extension of the cable car up to the Hotels Zone, but the passengers who ride the cable with the 80'ın expressed the foreign tourists, voicing President Altepe, ın Our people can not use the ropeway far enough. The old system gave the queue a wait. In the new system, there was no complete habit. We have made a new decision to encourage the people of Bursa to the ropeway. The cable car will be discounted on Fridays now. The price of round trip 35 TL is also reduced to 20 pounds. With this affordable price, our citizens and crowded families and groups with narrow income were also able to go to Uludağ and to benefit from the beauty of this rate. Now, our people will go to Uludag at an affordable price, spend a nice day there and get down. This decision will be good for our Bursa, Bu he said.

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