Deutsche Bahn - 1,3 Billion Euro Loss

DB Train Deutsche Bahn
DB Train Deutsche Bahn

1,3 billion euro loss from Deutsche Bahn: German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced a net loss of 1,3 billion euros last year. According to Deutsche Bahn, the company's net loss of 2015 billion euros in the 1,3 fiscal year, problems in the cargo segment, long period strikes and restructuring efforts were effective.

In 2015 fiscal year, company revenues increased by 1,9, reaching 40,5 billion euros for the first time in its history. The company's earnings before interest and taxes decreased by 16,6 to 1,76 billion euros, partly due to strikes on an annual basis.

Gross capital expenditures of the company were also 2,4 billion euros with an increase of 9,3 on the yearly basis due to the high investment in the infrastructure.

Deutsche Bahn, in the 2015, carried 132 million long-distance passengers. The number of long-distance passengers increased by 2,2 compared to the previous year. However, the number of passengers using local bus and regional railway services decreased by 1,2 by 2,5 billion.

”A self-critical view shows that we cannot achieve our goal“

In his statement, Rüdiger Grube, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DB said, görmek We are happy to see positive developments, but a self-critical view shows that we cannot achieve our goal Üst.
. We are launching the biggest investment campaign in the history of Deutsche Bahn and the rise in net financial debt is a product of this, dür said Richard Finance, CFO CFO.

Lutz added that they will continue to be a reliable, stable and solid partner in the capital markets.


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