Kaşüstü crossroad and light rail system in Trabzon

Kaşüstü intersection and light rail system in Trabzon: Trabzon, Yomra district where traffic is experiencing intense junction arrangement of the most ideal solution about the cross-road junction arrangement 'will be specified.
Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Metin Hüsem said that the urban development of Kaşüstü neighborhood gained momentum together with the hospital, courthouse and shopping center established in the last 10 year and became a center of attraction.
Hüsem stated that this development brought along the traffic problem and ı The existing Kaşüstü Junction has already exceeded its capacity has been determined by our observations and measurements. Considering that the volume of traffic will increase significantly in the coming years, there is an urgent need to organize a new intersection. The current traffic intensity will partially relax along the perimeter boulevard which will pass through the south. In addition, in the Yomra district of Trabzon, the existing coastal road will be connected to the South Ring Road and Kanuni Training and Research Hospital.
As an alternative to the planned junction, Dal-Çık junction arrangement and Ayasofya junction, as well as the roundabout arrangement as alternative solutions are also in our mix. However, there is a need for an area of ​​approximately 50-60 mt for the roundabout solution and it is no longer the solution for the spoon arrangement due to the insufficient area. It is a fact that the cost of construction will increase when the current line falls below or below the sea level. The area where the intersection arrangement will be made has an alluvial layer and the waters coming from the mountains in the south continuously feed the groundwater. Therefore, additional cost analysis should be done in the removal of sea water, surface water and groundwater in the Dal-çık project. However, due to the technical and technical feasibility of the environment, the advantages of the Dal-Çık intersection arrangement are much more. Bun
Hafif In addition to the southern ring road and new intersection arrangements, light rail systems and the creation of new attraction centers in the south are important for relieving traffic. “ Dr. Metin Hüsem ekonomik In our researches where new shooting centers are made, if the 8-10 mt is provided with an additional width on the southern ring road or coastal road, the passenger transportation to be made by rail systems will provide Trabzon with a city view in the upper league as well as very economical land transportation. It will be. It is possible to provide a much longer term economic solution by providing the necessary width for the rail system in the design of bridged junction or branch-out systems on the existing coastal road.
Mass transit or subway systems are the main transportation systems in Trabzon that will increase the public transport to upper class, and will significantly reduce the traffic to the point of congestion. In the next year, the 25 and 50 will not be a solution to the Southern ring road or similar boulevards. Trabzon's attraction centers are completely on the shore and new centers of attraction should be created in the south of our city. As a result, 'Dal-Çık junction arrangement', which will provide similar services with other junction types (bridge junction, roundabout) on the coastal road where traffic is intense, is more suitable because of its advantage of being integrated with the environment. However, considering the future traffic density, the construction of light rail systems will become mandatory. For this reason, it is inevitable to leave a sufficient width for light rail systems in the existing intersections. Hafif

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