German Aquila planes come to Bursa

📩 09/12/2018 15:31

German manufacturing Aquila is coming to Bursa air: Turkey's first indigenous tram opened to the world market by producing Bursa, it is now preparing the single-engine civil aircraft production. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Altepe will start production soon.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality took action to make Bursa the center of aviation. In November, by signing a protocol with Uludag University, the Municipality opened the way for the university track to be used for civilian flights and airplanes, and the button was pressed by the private sector to produce aircraft. Bursalı B-Plas and İğrek Machinery, Germany-based Aquila company 1,5 million euros by taking two-person aircraft are preparing to begin production.
The 210 series is one of the best-selling models of the company that produces single-engine aircraft. In the family with different models, the two-seater aircraft has a completely composite structure. Planes can also be used in pilot training. World News on the subject Bursa Regional Representative Omar answering questions Faruk Farmer Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, Turkey from reaching the melting of the 2023 goal to draw their own brands, value-added, stressing that it is bound to produce technological products. In this context, Altepe reminded that they support the production of local tram as a municipality, said that today tram, subway and light rail vehicles are produced in the world markets in Bursa.
Altepe pointed out that the second target of tram production was aircraft production and gave the following information; X We have been working for 1,5 years in the production of aircraft. We went to various fairs, we visited universities. Turkish Aeronautical Association projects, especially we have examined. We've finally come to a certain point. Now we want to quickly develop aviation in Bursa. Bursa civil aviation, air transportation, production, maintenance and logistics center. We established a space and aerospace department within Uludağ University. We put tram production on the agenda of the companies. Now we are trying to put aviation on the agenda of some companies. Companies are convinced to invest. Together let us in Turkey, let's sell goods to the world, encouraging, saying forwarding. 160 many private aircraft in Turkey. We want to be a private plane in Bursa in a short time 160. This is our project. Bursa aircraft no longer produced, you get a world center sold aircraft, now an exhibition in Bursa, Turkey are found in a company. The purchases are over. Production will begin. Üretim
In the first place 2 personality, then 4, 20 and 60 aircraft that can be expressed Altepe, UM If you can not 2 personality aircraft, 300 personality aircraft can not produce at all. Then the fighter plane can not do at all. Bursa will be prominent in the aviation sector after rail systems. These are not difficult things. Bunlar Altepe noted that they are trying to strengthen aviation in Bursa and they carry free passengers from Yenişehir Airport to Bursa center, and that Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center, which will be established with an investment of 80 million pounds in the Science Center, continues.
Altepe emphasized that Bursa should be an accessible city in order to be a world city and that Istanbul should be integrated with Bursa and that Bursa should turn its proximity to Istanbul into an advantage. Altepe stated that they have accelerated their transportation investments such as air, sea and land, and added that they will add more new ships to the 6 vessel fleet. Altepe air transport that connects Istanbul and Bursa via Gemlik will move to Yunuseli and air traffic will be increased voicing Altepe, the aviation service again in Istanbul's 2 separate point of the Helitaksi said. Altepe; Var There are a thousand 100 foreign companies in Bursa. 300 companies are added on average every month. Besides being a production city, it is an ambitious city in tourism, especially in health, winter and thermal. Bir

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