Skiing in the city of Mozart

Enjoy skiing in the city of Mozart: Salzburg is a fascinating city. If it snows, there is no taste of the landscape. You can also ski here. You can also take a day trip to the Flachau ski resort, which is 70 km to the city

Are you looking for peace in the winter months, the destination is Salzburg… Mozart's city belongs to those who enjoy the moments, just in this period… While the snow accumulated in the mountains draws skiers; Museums, narrow streets, exhibitions are ideal for those who want to enjoy the city. Moreover, many concerts and event programs offer different alternatives to the visitors. Snow suits this city on the foothills of the Alpine mountains very well. In this article, I will not talk about Salzburg for a long time… I will leave it to explain the streets, cafes and restaurants that you can follow Mozart's traces ... Mozart's house, the Getreidegasse Street in the old city, the old street in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, Mirabell Palace and Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg Castle and Cathedral… In this article, I will tell you how to enjoy skiing if your road falls to this cute city this season…

If you say “Let's ski while we are in Salzburg”, I have a few suggestions for you. Let's start close first; One of the places to be discovered, if not very popular among tourists from Turkey Flachau in the Salzburg ski season ... long ... starting on December 19, you can enjoy skiing in the period from March 29. Moreover, there are shuttles to the ski center Flachau, which is only 70 km from the city center. It is possible to go, ski and return to the city in the evening with these daily services. It is a great option for those who want to experience city tour and skiing together. Think about it, you skied in the Alps, then you enjoy apres-ski in a fascinating city like Salzburg. Better is unimaginable! Moreover, it is possible to obtain ski passes and maps from the city. Another feature of this ski center is that it offers a generally sunny weather. Skiing and snowboarding is fun to do on a sunny winter day… And if a little snow falls on it, that holiday will be unforgettable… For more information http://www.salzburg. Visit info / skishuttle.

There are plenty of alternatives for skiing in Austria… Kitzbühel is not a place where you can relax with few people! It is worth mentioning this first. as well as from Europe, from Turkey are literally flock to this ski resort. Because this is the address where several of the world's most important races are held. Ideal for tasting international cuisine and entertainment.
You must have heard the name Zell Am See. Moreover, it is not necessary to be skiing to hear this name. This is a small Austrian town… Not only that it offers a ski alternative. It is a place known not only by skiers, but also by those who are accustomed to seeing beautiful eyes, as it offers an amazing lake view. This place is only 100 km away from Salzburg… Don't go back without seeing it ...

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